Want to be a better bludger? Now you can get a professional life coach!

Jonathan Carson at Stuff wasted time in his life reporting on this

Hamilton mother-of-six Kaye Nonoa received an unexpected letter on Christmas Eve – a court summons from her son’s former high school for unpaid fees.

This comes after he was banned from attending his school ball earlier in the year for having outstanding fees, despite being head boy.

Mrs Nonoa is upset that Melville High School is using such a forceful method to recover money she doesn’t have.

The letter, handed to her by a plain-clothes woman at 7.30am on Tuesday, said the school was taking legal action to retrieve $1166.84 in sports and subject fees from 2011 to 2013 and $1133.50 in legal costs – $2300.34 total.

Her son, Johnboi, 18, finished school this year.

He was head boy, captain of the First XV rugby team, a member of the top basketball team and also took part in cultural activities.

The fees Melville High are seeking are for sports and specialist subjects like photography and food technology, not the voluntary school donation.

Who is Kaye Nonoa?  Well, if you have problems running your life, she can help you out.  


Her son has obviously benefited from being at school, with a great list of accomplishments.  But Kaye is refusing to cough up where other parents have had to subsidise Johnboi for his enjoyment.

Mrs Nonoa has been on a widow’s benefit for the past 10 years and said she paid off small amounts when she could afford it.

She has discussed the problem with the board of trustees and principal Clive Hamill.

“I’ve always said to them that I will be paying it. It’s my responsibility and I will pay it when I can,” she said.

“I make choices. Do I want to pay $10 on school fees this week or do I want to buy extra food? Those are the choices that I, along with a lot of other families in my situation, have to deal with.”

The notice of claim said the school believes “there is no valid reason for non-payment”.

Johnboi was also stopped from going to the school ball this year and had a private evening with his ball partner at home instead.

Mrs Nonoa said receiving the court summons the morning before Christmas was harsh as it was already a difficult time financially.

“They could have talked to me instead of sending it off to the courts,” she said.

“I’m not out to defame the character of the school, not at all. I’m sticking up for moral justice, for support.”

She wants “moral justice”.

How does she feel about the moral justice she inflicted on the school and other parents that have been paying for her son’s education out of their pockets?

This will give you an insight into Mrs Nonoa’s idea how life has to be fun as long as others pay for it.

“Duty is joy”

As long as it is someone else that pays, obviously.


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  • Orange

    How much does it cost to have the hair bleached? Edit: and is that silly name syndrome again?

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    The trough is wide and deep in Hamilton.

  • williamabong

    Just another professional victim, bring on the sunlight MSM don’t want to tell the whole story.
    I’m told they are about to release a Maori version of the Monopoly game, every time you pass go you get a treaty settlement from the white oppressor, the community chest has been replaced by dole cards, and the chance card has been replaced by a victim card.

    • Night Stick

      ‘Waikato financial powerhouse Tainui aims to have assets worth $1 billion
      by the start of the next decade after a 24 per cent growth in its
      holdings in the past year’.

      That tribe should be her first port of call.

      • williamabong

        So it would be great if someone could explain as to who actually benefits from this, apart from Tuku and his fat mates that is.
        From memory haven’t Tainui had a couple of top ups due to their spectacular investment skills, having these cunts as investment managers would be like having a goat as a gardener.

    • BR

      And a “go to jail” on every property square.


  • Rodger T

    How fucking useless as a human would you have to be to need a life coach anyway,especially one that can`t be bothered getting out of her dressing gown?

    • Odd Ball

      A past All Black coach had one, he wasn’t that great & the last I heard he was in Perth coaching The Force

  • BR

    Silly 1st name syndrome?


    • Rodger T

      Not really, I think Bill is a quite sensible name. : )

      • williamabong

        I concur completely.

        • ropteron

          And I concurringly concur your concurrence.

      • BR

        Well that’s a relief!

        • jedmo

          ..as the Mayor said to the actress

          • Euan Ross-Taylor

            Bevan was an actress?

          • Mark

            She pretended to enjoy the two minutes. That’s acting.

          • Cowgirl


  • MarcWills

    Poor Johnboi, how is he going to cope with his new found fame? Hope he has a dressing gown with a hoodie to be able to go out in public from now.

    Does this woman not think at all, FFS.

  • Michael

    As the school says, if there was a commitment and arrangement from Mrs Nonoa to pay then it would not have taken this action. She’s ignored the school to the point they’ve had to take this drastic action.

    And with no kids under 14 at home, Mrs Nonoa could always have gone and got a job to raise the families income. In fact, with the Widow’s Benefit being abolished she is now obliged to do that.

    • Other_Andy

      The problem is that a number of people who have been on some sort of benefit have lost any sense of reality.
      They are so used to others paying for everything (House, food, transport, electricity, education etc.) that they are quite shocked when they are asked to pay something themselves.

    • Lindsay

      Michael, How do you know she has “no kids under 14”?

      • Other_Andy
      • Michael

        It’s an easy inference taken from the article – no mention of any other children at the school or being supported. Therefore I drew a conclusion that Johnboi was the youngest child. And Other_Andy has found evidence to support that.

        It’s something they don’t teach at school, but once you realise that newspapers are not published to be truthful, but instead to have something around the advertising that makes you read it in the first place you start to think about what is left unsaid and the implications.

        • ropteron

          Well looking at the way she’s handling that other lass, Jonboi wont be getting any brothers/sisters any time soon.

          Talk about ‘not breeding, just licking’.
          (A play on the old saying ‘Not drowning just waving’).

          • Nechtan

            Her daughter according to her facebook page.

          • ropteron

            OK, I shall stand corrected, I don’t do FB.

          • Nechtan

            Fair enough, and I was not trying to be a smart arse either. Just keeping it factual.

          • ropteron

            Sure no probs and thanks for keeping it factual, the only way to go.

  • Hollyfield

    ” She has discussed the problem with the board of trustees and principal Clive Hamill. “I’ve always said to them that I will be paying it. It’s my responsibility and I will pay it when I can,” she said.”
    “They could have talked to me instead of sending it off to the courts,” she said.”

    Sounds to me like the school had already talked to her over the last three years, and since she hasn’t paid, and her son has now finished school, they felt their only option left was through the courts.

    • ex-JAFA

      She says the school wants to “recover money she doesn’t have”, when she meant to say the school wants to “recover debts she does have”.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Come to my , um , um , give me money .

  • AXjarv

    She should pay the school fees but the legal costs that are higher than the actual fees is ugly.

    • peterwn

      The debt collector would have informed her on two or more occasions that court action and resulting legal costs are on the cards. While sometimes the threats are bull****, they do need to be taken seriously. If the debtor has no genuine defence to the claim, the game is up. And defences such as ‘it is someone else’s debt’ or ‘the state ought to pay’ or ‘it is not fair’ do not wash.

  • AXjarv

    Meant to say “almost as high as”

  • RightOfGenghis

    Message to all parents of head bois and/or team captains. School fees are now optional. Grrr!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Why do these people feel a right to have a moan at the rest of us through the media? Just fuck off would ya, thanks. Oh, and what is a “plain-clothes woman”?

    • RightOfGenghis

      Love it! A ‘plain-clothes woman’ is journalism at its finest ;)

    • Betty Swallocks

      Obviously not Material Tuatara. That one wouldn’t be seen dead in ‘plain clothes’

  • Rick H

    Looks like her blog has been a runaway success in the 16-odd months the site’s been up for. – watch out Whale-Oil .!!
    I assume the black-haired dressing-gown wearer is her partner?

    • Other_Andy

      “I assume the black-haired dressing-gown wearer is her partner?”
      Her wife (Jennygal)?
      As, according to activists, the ‘legalisation’ of same sex marriages was one of the most important issues of the modern age, they most be surely be married by now.

  • cows4me

    I want to know what a “plain-clothes” woman is?

    • Rick H

      One not still in her PJ’s

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Not after the crack of noon like the rest of ’em at least.

    • pukakidon

      The ignorant young twats in the media are trying to infer it should have been someone in uniform maybe. Why I have no idea, obviously another stupid girl with on journalistic ability

  • Rick H

    No money, but able to holiday in Hawaii just 3 months ago – poor girl.

    • Other_Andy

      Must have missed that.
      Where did you get that info?

      • Rick H

        Check out her FB photo albums

  • Arnie

    Looks like “Stuff” has taken the story off the news already. Another case of not doing their homework.

  • john Doe

    Another that gives nothing and expects the world.

    Bludging bitch. The kid deserves better.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Professional prostitute touting for business by the looks of her.

    Whats the bet she is on a benefit and the life couch fees are not declared income.

  • countproperly

    Whilst Ms Nonoa may be a lost cause, I would only hope that Johnboi realises (before it is too late) that being a bludger is not okay. Unfortunately, it seems that he will not learn this from his mother.

    • pukakidon

      I dont think so, by the looks of the photo he is holding the letter as if there has been a travesty in that he has to pay his way.

      The apple it seems does not fall far from the tree.

  • ex-JAFA

    WTF is a “widow’s benefit”?? Why can’t we change the law to allow women into the workforce, so they don’t have to bludge after their hard-working menfolk die?

    • Michael

      There was no Widowers Benefit, in case you were wondering. When a man’s wife dies he has to keep working.

      • LabTested

        yes, but he is then also allowed to drink beer while watching the 7 am All Black game from the UK, so it is not all bad

  • Col

    Did she get it from a corny box???

  • hunk4hire .

    Extra…..extra………read all about it…….. mother owes son’s school one grand ……..extra, extra……lawyers’ fees imminent…..situation deteriorating fast……….read all about it……North Korea launches nuclear warhead…….Japan on red alert…..breaking, breaking…

  • Some interesting titbits from Facebook…this bludger mum recently had a trip to Hawaii while not paying for her son’s school fees.

    Johnboi also recently attended the Beyonce concert while not paying for school fees.

    And to cap it all off is not heading off to Melbourne to ‘work’ for the Mormon church proselytising on a push bike and wearing a suit. Perhaps the Church could cough the school fees…I bet mum never missed a tithe.

    • pukakidon

      That should have been the headline I think.

      “Pathetic Mother’s Priorities all stuffed up, puts Holiday to Hawaii and tickets to Beyonce concert before paying sons school fees!!!”

  • Alfred12

    FFS a life coach, I’m about to barf! Give me strength.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Facebook is still wide open for public viewing. Quite dumb

  • steve and monique

    Call me old fashioned but if I were to seek the services of a professional life coach, they would need to take responsibility for their choices, – payment of a debt you have known about for two years, secondly, they would need to have a decent grasp of the English language, ie: “alot of my views and ;helping tips’; don’t you mean helpful? Why is it most people who have their kids attending school can be responsible enough to pay the fees? Why is this woman different? The school has obviously done right by this boy because he is excelling and a lot of that would need to be encouraged by the school; so don’t they deserve something? The things that they are seeking payment for are voluntary and I would imagine the Mum would have had to sign something before he took the classes that says just that. These activities cost money and you need to pay; it’s the real world “Life-Coach” so suck it up and pay!