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Some other bloggers could do with a read of the latter tome.  Seriously.  Get over yourselves.

Finally, an example of constructive, positive and information-rich comments



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  • ex-JAFA

    Oooh, I want the red and green ones! If they only come in a box set, I suppose I can donate the blue book to one of the regular spies from other blogs.

  • Andy

    I’m a Facebook friend of Olde Holborne who is the master of all trolling.
    I think he has been through 24 twitter accounts, each one banned

  • Col

    I can’t use big words, can I start at class C and work my way up to B?

    • unitedtribes

      The biggest word I know is wheelbarrow so perhaps I should exit here

      • Col

        No your ok, just put an s on the end that’s 12 more letters being 4 more than most Labour voters and 8 more than the Greens.

  • cows4me

    Can these be books be purchased at the substanded

  • RSm

    While it’s easy to think there is not much left to say about nothing, this does very well to prove there are truly no bounds to the creative imagination.