When requesting a cease fire, it may pay to stop shooting also

Whaleoil has been approached informally on two separate occasions over the last few weeks by senior Herald / APN staff with a suggestion that this blog stops picking on some of their staff and their company in general.

It was an interesting suggestion. ?There is no doubt that there is friction between Whaleoil and some Herald staff. ?But the suggestion also means that if we are to go easy on them, they might go easy on…. us?

Not sure if that really suits the public’s need.

That said, we decided to wait and see if there were any overt signs that there was a new level of goodwill coming from the Herald – at any level.

Are they crediting Whaleoil consistently?

Do they provide a link to such sources?

Do they describe Whaleoil erroneously as “a National Party blog”?

Or “controversial website Whaleoil” (just today)

Have Fisher and Drinnan toned down their public tag team campaigns via Twitter? ?

Do they describe Whaleoil as far-right blog?

and so on.

A couple of weeks on, and there is no detectable change in the Herald in the way it deals with us (fail to call for direct quote or comment), the way they describe us, the way they fail to acknowledge genuine Whaleoil material (sometimes hiding behind a “a Herald investigations shows…”, and so on.

So here is a suggestion to the senior Herald / APN people: ?If you want hostilities to be turned down to acceptable levels (without compromising journalistic standards), perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be the change you want to see?

Happy to start linking back to your work when you link to mine.

Happy to acknowledge original work if you do it too.