January 2014

Today’s Trivia

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Baby hedgehogs are called ‘hoglets’. (source)


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Would you look?

An email from a reader about envy driven politics

A reader emails:

Hi Cam,

Listening to Cunliffe since becoming leader of the Labour party it has become clear that labour plan to win the election by dividing the nation on the battle lines of class. The Labour and Green block has become increasingly driven by the ‘green-eyed monster’ of envy. It’s envy, not vision or empirical evidence that drives Labour/Green policy solutions. The policy of the left seems to be more concerned with harming the justly wealthy solely because of their success than it is with actually helping the less fortunate in society, labour policy to impose a capital gains tax and close charter schools are just two example of this.

The following is an Essay written by U.S presidential candidate Ron Paul that I believe sums up the issue perfectly.

“Envy is the painful awareness of another’s good fortune. It is usually associated with the desire to bring an end that good fortune through some means. Thus is it worse than jealousy, which is wanting what another has. Envy seeks to take away what another has out of spite and hatred, and is driven by the desire to destroy. It is an extremely destructive emotion, one that cannot bring personal happiness and is sure to bring social harm. The exercise of envy only ends in satisfying a kind of lust for bad to come to others. All the world religions condemn the impulse. It is one of the seven deadly sins. It is something we train our children not to feel. No good can come of it.

I raise it in this context because envy is one of the driving forces of redistributionist politics in the United States, an emotion and motivation endorsed every day on the editorial pages. It is the secret motivation behind the unrelenting attacks on the rich heard every day inside Washington, a town whose population includes some of the most well-to-do people in the entire country. The emotion that is behind the attacks on the justly rich, and the emotion that such seek to stir within the population, is envy.   Read more »

More Cunliffe lies

Mr Cunliffe on Firstline yesterday morning:

“We’ve been absolutely frank and absolutely clear in all the materials for this speech that people have the choice between going on the $60 a week for the whole first year or taking Paid Parental Leave if they qualify. They can’t do both. At no point have we said that they could do both”


Has David Cunliffe forgotten this graphic that Labour is still touting.


Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore accuses them of “crimes against humanity”

Patrick Moore is a founder of Greenpeace, and he famously left them and has disagreed with them ever since.

In The Independent the Canadian ecologist accuses Greenpeace of committing a “crime against humanity”

Greenpeace has blood on its hands and is committing a “crime against humanity” by actively opposing the introduction of a genetically modified (GM) rice crop that could prevent the deaths of more than two million children a year, according to a founder-member of the world’s largest and most prominent environmental group.

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist who joined the inner circle of Greenpeace in 1971, a year after the organisation was established, has made an impassioned attack on the environmental group for blocking “golden rice”, a GM crop fortified with vitamin A genes.

Dr Moore, who is due to protest outside the UK headquarters of Greenpeace in London on Friday, told The Independent that the environmental group has strayed well beyond its original humanitarian remit by opposing golden rice and the health benefits it could bring to some of the poorest children in the world.

“There are 250 million children living in the tropics who are vitamin A deficient and they need this vitamin. Golden rice can deliver it to them because they eat rice every day and because that’s all that they can afford,” Dr Moore said.

“The fact is vitamin A deficiency is the biggest killer of children in the world today. Unicef estimates that a little over eight million children die prematurely each year from all causes such as diseases like malaria, TB and HIV-Aids. But more than 25 per cent of them die from vitamin A deficiency, which is essential for eyesight and the immune system,” he said.   Read more »

Since we are talking about dress sense, let’s look at the jacket wars

Metiria Turei cried racist when she was called out for wearing posh, pricey jackets while bleating about poverty and inequality.

But the smokescreen didn’t work and her taste for designer clothes is being discussed by greenies up and down the country.

Now silly Metiria is trying to deny she owns jackets worth $2000.

Except…last year she was happy to discuss her $4000 a go Adrienne Winkelmann outfits with Seven Sharp.

Which followed my own exclusive story last year that Turei has a wardrobe full of expensive clothes which, at a conservative estimate, will have cost her $15,000.

My advice to her? Embrace your inner capitalist. Don’t try to hide it.

And next time you’re talking about starving kids, why not just sell a jacket?

But these aren’t the only jackets Metiria is into…have a look at this ensemble.

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Countdown’s “Cosa Nostra” won’t be happy with this

Last Friday I blogged about supermarket giant Countdown behaving like the Godfather with NZ suppliers. The post sparked a flood of comments.

Their PR spin-merchant Kate Porter even called up asking me for the source of the story, saying this was all news to her.

Meanwhile the tip-line ran hot with numerous stories about how Countdown was being instructed by their Australian masters to tuck millions out of Kiwi companies in an alleged effort to try and compete with PakNSave. Extortion was the word frequently mentioned in the tipline.

Then someone emailed me though a piece from Friday’s NBR. Here’s the headline:

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Mental health break

Guest Post: John Boscawen

This is a guest post from John Boscawen, and also his speech form last night.

Last night I organised a meeting for the three contestants for the ACT leadership. While the media reported 100, it was actually attended by 140 – we counted them. It was the biggest ACT-related public meeting since the 2011 campaign launch.

We have received very positive media coverage. It was covered by all major media.

I wanted the meeting to present the ACT Party and its candidates in the best possible light – we succeeded.

More importantly, it was the first and only opportunity for ACT members to hear from and question the candidates before the Board commences its deliberations at 9.30am on Saturday

As a public meeting, it also enabled me to invite many tens of donors to the Party that I have built relationships with over many years and who are not formal members – they appreciated it.   Read more »

Map of the Day

Global Distribution of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops

Global Distribution of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops