Abbott’s government taking the long handle to ratbag green taliban

I’m liking how Abbott’s government are dealing to the green taliban ratbags…like the ones just released from jail in Russia.

It seems that Greenpeace’s PR machinations aren’t washing with the Libs and they are set to bill one of the ratbags for the cost of his representation.

A threat to impose a fee for consular support after Australian activist Colin Russell was detained in Russia has opened the prospect of broader charges for government support of thousands of Australians who find themselves in trouble overseas.

On Friday foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop said the activities of the Australian government on behalf of Mr Russell had cost tens of thousands of dollars, and she would look very closely at recovering the costs.

“Of course cost recovery can be an important part of providing consular support,” she said.

In News Ltd papers on Saturday Ms Bishop was reported to have outlined a review of fees for cost recovery of consular activities for Australians in trouble overseas, and the circumstances in which those fees could be levied.

She reportedly said the review would consider whether the fee should into take account the difficulties travellers faced, including whether they had taken all reasonable precautions or had acted recklessly.

Mr Russell was one of 30 Greenpeace activists arrested and detained in September when some of the group tried to scale a Russian oil rig operated by Moscow-based energy company Gazprom in the Pechora Sea.

He attacked the government’s response to his plight as “too little, too late” when he arrived in Hobart on Thursday.

The claim was rejected by Ms Bishop, who said consular officials from Moscow had travelled six times to Murmansk and to St Petersburg to provide consular support for Mr Russell, including four trips on the 3000km round trip to Murmansk.

“I met face to face with the Deputy Foreign Minister, Morgulov, on two occasions,” she said. “I personally wrote to Foreign Minister Lavrov on behalf of Mr Russell and made representations.”

Bill the bludging ratbags and while they are at it bill the Ship of Fools as well for the costs of their rescue.


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  • Not Clinically Insane

    Good. More of this. As soon as Greenpeace are treated like Pirates when they do this stuff the better!

  • LabTested

    Seems the Greenies are losing control of the Narrative. 3 months in a Russian prison & the story is about what a irresponsible cost to Aussie tax payers, nothing about what they were protesting.

  • Day Day

    I dearly hope the Abbott Govt has the ticker to carry their principles through on climate believer initiatives. And it’s a huge issue in Aussie.

    • WABloke

      Having lived in WA for some 18 months or more I can honestly say I have met more people who think the greenies are brain-dead morons than otherwise. Over here they seem to recognise where jobs and wealth come from. Furthermore, the Ozzies (generally speaking) seem to welcome anyone who comes into the country through proper channels but don’t suffer imported fools lightly. They have enough of their own to contend with (not Ozzie bashing, stating a fact) and I support their stance on deporting trouble making imports. If you come here to work and obey the rules then you’ll fit right in.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “too little, too late”, fuck off you sooky, leftard, cry-baby eco-terrorist. It was too much, too fucking soon.

  • motorizer

    remember this????

  • Other_Andy

    “She reportedly said the review would consider whether the fee should into take account the difficulties travellers faced, including whether they had taken all reasonable precautions or had acted recklessly.”
    Recklessly, are you kidding?
    Send him a bill!
    And when will our government charge the two New Zealand criminals for consular costs?
    Oh wait, that would be the same government milking the taxpayer with the ETS and paying for trips of Global warming activists to Antarctica.

  • timemagazine

    This tax should be introduced everywhere. It is not our fault activists are stupid and look for trouble, a.k.a. free publicity for them, but payed by the rest.

  • GregM

    This should happen here. The first invoice I would be sending out is the rescue bill to Professor Turney and his global warming boatpeople.

  • thor42

    Great stuff!
    This Aussie government is doing some *great* things, among them restoring free speech by getting rid of the “hate speech” laws. The UK and Europe should follow suit. So should we if we have hate speech laws (I’m not sure if we do or not).

    They’ve also made good progress in cutting down the number of boat-people coming to Australia. That too is a measure that the UK and Europe should copy. The boat-people from Africa and the Middle-East swarming into the West are *invaders*, not genuine “refugees”.

  • MrLastMinute

    Good job. Why should the taxpayer have to fund digging those idiots out of a Russian shithole of their own making? I’m liking Abbott more and more.

    More of this please…

  • cows4me

    It always seems to work one way with these twits, all irresponsibility and no care. Good on the Aussie government for having the balls to say you screw up you should pay. For to long political correctness and the lunatic fringe have held governments hostage because they continually claim to hold the high moral ground. It’s about time these freeloading wastrels were held to account.

  • Bob Murphy

    One can only hope that Australian government bills those idiots Iced in in Antartica for their rescue costs.

  • Col

    Im sure a Travel Insurance company wouldn’t pay out, so why should the public pay for your stupid little hijacking holidays, bugger of down to the bank and get the money, now, the public have had enough. oh Noddy Norman and it is to F*&*(ing late to hide now, your part of Greenpeace, and you endorse what they do.