Another Con AirNZ shocker. Story is 8 years old

This story is getting murkier and murkier.

Earlier today I revealed that the Corrections union and Labour have been well aware for years that prisoners were being transported on flights, despite their fake surprise and outrage in the DomPost.

It seems that the union revealed security details about a prisoner flight and arranged for the paper to be there to take pictures. And – hey presto! – paper runs a story saying this is new and dangerous, while union and Labour are given the opportunity to bash the government.

The DomPost ran the story again yesterday claiming that the flights were “secret”.

But ten seconds on Google has come up with yet more damning revelations. 

This story first appeared – wait for it – eight years ago.

On March 27, 2006 the Herald reports:

Dangerous prisoners are being flown around the country on commercial flights, it was reported today.


 Any prisoner, including maximum-security inmates, could be transferred on commercial flights.

And the incredible line:   

 The Dominion Post reported today that the transfers were taking place as the Corrections Department struggled to cope with a record number of inmates.

Does this mean the DomPost ran a similar story eight years ago – but all of a sudden presented it as news on Friday?

It won’t surprise anyone either to find out that this was debated in parliament at the time and is recorded in Hansard.

Simon Power: How can the Minister continue to have confidence in his department when in the last 7 months it has spent almost three times as much per head on transferring prisoners as it did in the previous year—much of it on commercial airlines—which at the rate of $100,000 a month will lead to a blowout of approximately $1.2 million by the end of the financial year?

Hon DAMIEN O’CONNOR: I acknowledge that there has been pressure on the prison system. We have a very large number of inmates, and from time to time we are required to transfer prisoners around the country to suitable prisons. I reassure the public that at no time has anyone been at risk. The record speaks for itself, and I can reassure the House that the prisoners do not get Airpoints.

Simon Power: Does the Minister agree with the claim on National Radio by Beven Hanlon of the Corrections Association that the Minister’s department is loading prisoners into vans and other transport facilities and moving them around the country because: “While they’re being transported they’re on nobody’s muster, so they’re not actually showing on a muster for a prison, so the prison itself wasn’t over muster until the van got in.”; if not, why not?

Hon DAMIEN O’CONNOR: No, I do not. I assume that what that member is quoting is referring to one incident at Mount Eden Prison about 6 months ago. We have since that time addressed that problem. I do not accept the claims made by Beven Hanlon or by the member opposite.

Again Beven Hanlon is front and centre speaking to media about prisoner transfers using airlines, something he claimed to the Dom Post was the first he ever heard of with the recent revelations.

We can now safely assume that Beven Hanlon is a pathological liar.

Serious questions need to be asked. Something is rotten in this whole affair. If I was the editor of the DomPost I’d be seriously annoyed with my journalists right about now…that they have basically taken the word of a proven liar and manufactured a story…that is at least 8 years old.


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  • W.Austin

    Sure seems like BHIAFLC.

  • Nechtan

    Its a bulldust story, what is important that the transfer schedule of prisoners was leaked. That is a clear breach of security, if some union/labour idiot can leak details for attempted points scoring, what is stop others doing the same for other reasons?

    • Nechtan

      If the union had any concern over their members they would be on strike over this, it clearly puts any further prisoner transfers at risk. Law of unintended consequences? Come on Beven sort it out.

  • Bart67

    Somewhere, in Beven’s email folder, is a message from a supervisor asking him if he would like to come in for a little chat on Monday, methinks!

    • Nechtan

      One would hope so.

  • AnonWgtn

    Hanlon is a typical Union Liar trying to confirm his list place for Labour in the election.
    He has no show as being male, not a Maori, not a queer ?, and Irish – he is a Union Liar though so that should count in his favour.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yet another Whale Spanking handed out!
    This time with a pace bowlers run-up and a swift kicking to the slats also!

    He shoots! … He Scoooooressss!

  • Dave

    No way Bevan “Bogan” Hanlon will ever make it to Labours list now, imagine the embarrassment when he is asked questions……..and Bevan, I ask you……which answer if any, might be correct? He is almost as lame as Mayor brown, but he rooted himself, no help needed.

    • Custard

      He would get spanked out of the house with laughter. No one would take him seriously. His only chance to be a pm now is probably mana, but that would make him a mp for those behind bars.

  • peterwn

    “It seems that the union revealed security details about a prisoner flight …” So that is why Anne Tolley ‘spat the dummy’ at the union. I had assumed that she was upset that news had got out of the use of flights in general, not a specific instance where disclosure of detail could cause security and safety concerns. My apologies to Anne.

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