Another government agency backs away from the Ship of Fools

Yesterday we blogged about the Department of Conservation backing away from their “supporter” status as revealed by the Taxpayers Union.

Commenters pointed out however that on the AAE Spirit of Mawson website the claims of official sanction by the Department of Conservation at odds with their now public position:


It seems either Chris Turney and his project are lying or the Department of Conservation is lying. Either way it isn’t a good look.

But things aren’t getting any better either. Anthony Watts has revealed that another government agency is distancing themselves from Turney’s Ship of Fools expedition.

Australian Antarctic Division head Tony Fleming says they’ll make efforts to recover the cost of #spiritofmawson rescue

From radio 666 ABC in Canberra, Australia, full audio follows.

Tony Fleming, director of the Australian Antarctic Division tells Louise Maher the AAD wasn’t linked to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition despite an implication by the expedition head that he had an “official stamp of approval”.

The expedition was brought to a halt when its ship became trapped in ice, stranding the 52 tourists and scientists on board.

A Chinese ice-breaker which went to its rescue of the Russian ship also became stuck in the ice. The ship’s passengers were airlifted to an Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis – which is due to reach Hobart in about a fortnight.

Tony Fleming says the AAD will make efforts to recover the cost of the rescue which set back their own missions.

Listen to the audio:

It would certainly appear that Chris Turney is being extremely economical with the truth. If he has misled people in this manner what else has he misled people over?

As Jordan Williams from the Taxpayers union says:

So what’s going on? Are the Australian scientists or DoC fibbing? Or it is a case of the right hand of DoC not being aware of the left is up to? Is it just a coincidence that the Australian equivalent of the Ministry for the Environment was mistakenly included as a ‘supporter’ with our own DoC?

Wait and see? Or demand more answers…maybe there is taxpayer cash propping up the Ship of Fools after all.

From my perspective it looks like Turney may well be fibbing.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Looks like Professor Iceman will be wishing he was snap frozen in cryogenic ice for 100 years until all these inconvenient anomalies are at least “97% settled”

  • cows4me

    Whatever comes of this it will be good for those of us that believe this is big load of poo. These parasites will come under tighter scrutiny and any such further ventures will have to dot all the I and cross all the t’s. This ship of fools circus is great for the deniers, it shows up these lunatics for what they are and it makes sponsorship for the losers a harder exercise.

    • williamabong

      Sorry to disagree Cows, for every one of us that see this debacle for the bullshit it is, there will be a mung bean eating, home spun fuckwit out there swallowing Turneys crap at warp speed, difference is we have to go to work to earn a living, they don’t they are either on my payroll or teachers or researchers or something else meaningful.
      Turney will slide out from under this like shit through a goose, he will cop fuck all hit and when anyone goes after him he will mobilize the green spin machine and pull the educated man on a research mission to save the planet from capitalists, aided of course by a gullible media.

      • caochladh

        The mongrels are like cockroaches, they will survive almost anything.

    • Patrick

      One word in disagreement – “Glauckman” as long as that fool has the ear of Government then these incidents of the taxpayer being rorted will continue, him along with his other believer in voodoo science Nick Smith are a danger to society.

      • GazzW

        Totally agree with you regarding Gluckman & Smith, however, look upon Nick Smith as a necessary evil. He is popular with Nats who have a green bias and is an immensely good electorate MP. I have seen Nick Smith in action a couple of times at Nelson airport while waiting to get the redeye back to Auckland. He doesn’t lurk in the Koru lounge, he’s out holding court in the public cafe and mixing it with his constituents. Very impressive.

  • Macca

    The only study I would like to see happen is how all these fraudulent bastards have been managing to fleece tax payer funding for the last few decades!
    They have troughed up literally trillions of dollars worldwide for what would appear to be a fictitious problem and have fraudulently falsified data to prove their own biased hypothesise. They religiously omitt any facts that counter their own.
    Heads should start to roll! Let 2014 be the year of the actual facts – not the made up bullshit!

    • GazzW

      Do a quick company search on Carbonscape and you will see that this is no tinpot outfit with $100 paid up capital.

    • Dan

      Tragically 2014 will be the year of mega shite, for us sadly, it is election year. Much smoke, a lot of mirrors and what they wont do for us wont be worth thinking about. Prepare yourself.

      • Dave

        Which is precisely why the Traditional MSM are fearing WOBH so much. They like to trot out a series of lies, coverups, half truths etc in support of their beloved pinko roots. They know Cam and WOBH can and will show their lies and distortion up, and want the judiciary to declare WOBH as not a news organization. The old boys network??

  • Muffin

    Why aren’t the MSM asking these questions? And they think WO isn’t media!

  • timemagazine

    They are backing away, because the ship of fools has become the laughing stock of the world and they don’t want to be associated with them. I think it is a little to late now. Thanks God!

  • Andy

    The main NZ input to this project seems to be from Landcare.

    Janet Wilmshurst, Sarah Richardson, and Matt McClone are all researchers that were on Leg One

    They were working mainly on Campbell Island, by the looks of it, which is part of NZ and would probably require DoC consent for access and research

    • Andy

      By the way, even though I put myself in the “sceptic” camp as far as AGW is concerned, these do appear to be legitimate research activities. Whether this should be part of Landcare’s portfolio is another matter. Landcare, like every other publicly funded environmental science organisation, is firmly warmist in its outlook

      EDIT. Added link

  • wazsah

    The Australasian Antarctic Expedition on board the AAD ship Aurora Australis have just returned to Casey where AAD can hopefully commence cargo ops after 3.25 days steaming offshore waiting for wind to ease.
    Currently webcams show it is snowing and wind is in range 11-15kmh and a crane on the foredeck is active. Right now the webcam port view shows a barge operating.
    Re the issue of Australian Antarctic Division distancing themselves from Turney’s Ship of Fools expedition – I have listened to the Dr Fleming interview a couple of times and will be very interested to see what paperwork is produced later by the various parties to the tiff.
    IMHO AAD science tends to be warmist. AAD costs Australia ~$180million PA and has near 400 people – the budget was trimmed by the previous GreenLabor Govt. Much of the rational for AAD to be so big is justifying the large Australian footprint down there – and this happens to be at a time when China is expanding its operations on the far side of their Southern Quarry. So there are all sorts of diplomatic and power play nuances at the back of what happens.

    • Dave

      Excellent post – thanks :)

    • Solarus

      Meanwhile the Akademic Shokalskiy is due in Bluff on Tue, 14th Jan, at 7:45am.

  • wazsah

    Yesterday weather around Casey calmed and Aurora Australis came in from their 3 odd days slow cruising off Casey and started cargo operations.