Another way of saying dodgy rooting ratbag

The little French roster caught like Len Brown with his pants down is threatening to sue Closer magazine.

President Fran?ois Hollande was facing a private and political crisis after a celebrity magazine published photos it says proves he is having a “secret love affair” with a film actress almost 20 years his junior.

Closer magazine released photos it says shows the 59-year old Socialist leader and his new lover, Julie Gayet, 41, entering an apartment block a stone’s throw from the Elys?e Palace in Paris.

Val?rie Trierweiler, the “official” first lady to whom the president is not married, recently took up residence in one of the wings of the palace.

Closer’s Friday edition carried a seven-page report on the alleged infidelity, in which a man it insists is the president arrives on a chauffeur-driven scooter to spend nights in the flat.

Miss Gayet arrives separately. The pair are brought croissants by a man identified as his bodyguard the following morning.

“It’s a real passion that has … turned their lives upside down and makes them take insane risks,” the magazine wrote.

The report in Closer, which angered many in Britain for publishing topless pictures the Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, sparked a furious rebuke from the president, who, however, failed to deny the liaison.

A source close to the president said he “greatly deplores the invasion of his privacy, to which he has a right as any other citizen does.” The president was “studying what action, including legal action, to take”. ?

They nicely sum him up.

Laurence Pieau, editor of Closer, announced it was withdrawing the photos from its website upon request from Miss Gayet’s lawyer.

“If there are any legal procedures, regarding (Miss Gayet) it will be for image rights and violation of privacy, but not defamation,” said Mis Pieau.

However, she insisted the withdrawal “in no way casts into doubt the veracity of the information divulged today”.

Closer had received no request to remove the magazine from newsagents, she said, adding that Mr Hollande was simply a “president who has a crush”.

As it digested the revelations, France was left wondering how its wily leader would handle the issue at a major New Year’s press conference next week.

Which is a nice way of saying dodgy rooting ratbag.