We’re back

Ok folks, we are back online.

I think it is pertinent to recap the last few days and learn just how out of proportion the reaction from the ferals on the West Cost has been.

My original post which caused so much outrage, including threats against me and my family was actually a post about how the media tried to frame the death of someone as the result of a police chase.

However the debate has now moved. We shall discuss that.

Was my post offensive? Undoubtably to a small number of people, including the family. However until a reporter at the Westport Greymouth Star stoked the outrage these ferals had no idea about the post.

What was then unleashed was literally hundreds of death threats and a social media bullying campaign. Ironically their behaviour online proved conclusively that there is a serious problem on the West Coast with a feral underclass.

What I said may have been offensive, but that is not illegal. What is illegal is issuing death threats and threats to rape my daughter. Furthermore a DDoS attack was also set upon my site in an effort to silence me. Whether or not it was connected to feral outrage remains to be seen.

Tony Kookshorn reckons I should apologise…so do many others, mainly from the left. Then there are those who state that no one deserves what I have been receiving and then they ruin that attempt at mitigating support for feral bullies by adding “but” and then proceeding to say I deserved it for one reason or another.

Offending people is not a crime…yet. Threatening to kill and rape people is a crime.

If I apologise it would be under coercion, blackmail in other words, that if I don;t apologise I will be killed, bashed and my family raped so best you apologies.

I will not. Those are not terms for any apology. Sure I could say the words but apologies must be genuine, like the one I issued to Chris Carter?in 2010. Apologies forced by threats are no more valid than the forced confessions of prisoners of war that the enemy uses as propaganda.

That will not be happening. People think I am a coward too for reporting their behaviour to the Police, in making such calls they are saying that we as a nation should bow down before a mob mentality. That is not something I can accept.

When I broke name suppression I was on a wonky jihad to prove a point. It was illegal and I was prosecuted as I should have been. I have learned from that experience. It is the role of the Police to enforce our laws and the role of the courts to uphold them. I trust the Police will conduct a thorough investigation and hold some people to account. People need to learn that you can’t issue death threats or rape threats and get away with it just because they are angry or on Facebook. I was held to account for my actions, they must be held to account for theirs.

Which brings us to freedom of speech issues. If you believe in freedom of speech you believe in freedom of speech for everyone, not just those whose ideas or beliefs you subscribe to. To dance a jig and celebrate because my site is down when you prance about claiming to be an upholder of rights of the individual and act as an mC for protests against incursions on our right just makes you a charlatan. Yes I am talking about Martyn Bradbury, a complete hypocrite, marching down Queen Street, talking about freedoms on a stage and now laughing and gloating about the restriction, by an illegal action, of someone else’s freedom of speech. It is ironic that those that laugh and jest the most are from the left. Perhaps it isn’t irony, perhaps it just shows that the left does not appreciate freedom, or only believes in freedom for themselves and not others. They too are sanctimonious hypocrites.

In any case I will not be silenced. For years people have tried to do that, and for years i have carried on.

We must stand up to feral mobs for if we don’t then the mob rules.