Compare and Contrast

One sports star bashes and kicks a person into unconsciousness and is jailed for two years and cries a river of tears blaming everyone else from the victim on down.

And then there is Brian Lima who brings a foreign concept to sports people doing dumb shit…accountability.

The NZ Herald reports:

Manu Samoa rugby legend Brian Lima has resigned from all forms of rugby in the island nation following allegations of an assault on his ex-wife.

Lima, the defence coach for the Samoan rugby team, handed in a letter of resignation last month, the Samoa Observer reported today.?

His former wife, Lemalu Sina Retzlaff, last month spoke out about the alleged assault and appeared in the local newspaper sporting a battered face and bloodshot eyes.

The pair have three sons together.

Lima has been charged with causing actual bodily harm and being armed with a dangerous weapon. He is due in court next week.

Interesting contrast. One blames everyone else…the other does something wrong and resigns…in shame…as he should.

Though with his form now Brian Lima would be a shoe in for high ranking National party office.