Crazy mayor wants another go


Toronto Mayor?Rob Ford?s New Year?s resolution is to win the next mayoral election.

Ford was the?first in line?to file his nomination papers on Thursday morning, CP24 reports. Thursday is the first day mayoral and city council hopefuls can register to get their name on the October municipal election ballot.

“I’ve been the best mayor that this city has ever had,” Ford told reporters.

What the hell is ?wrong with these psychopathic megalomaniacs of mayors? ?

The mayor was asked how he could expect voters to trust him after admitting to smoking crack cocaine.

“My track record speaks for itself,” he said, according to?Metro.?”If you want to get personal, that?s fine. I?m sticking to my record, and talk is cheap. You?re going to see action like you?ve never seen before.”

Ford?s intention to run for re-election comes as little surprise to locals ? even after a string of controversies including the mayor?s?confirmed crack use,?colourful outbursts, and being?stripped of many of his mayoral powers?from city council. In fact, Ford has been trumpeting his election bid over and over again, for months.

And why not?

The Brown Defence* is working very well for Len, so why not for Ford?

*) no matter what a screwup I am in my private life, it doesn’t effect my ability to be a top notch professional mayor for this city.