Cyclist runs red light, dies under a truck, lycra force field failed

How about we need cyclists to follow the road rules?

Yesterday a cyclist found out that his lycra force field isn’t much protection at all from close interaction with a truck.

Police are investigating how and why the collision occurred, but revealed last night the truckie had the green light at the intersection.

“When I looked back I saw this [man] flying off [his] bike and at the same time the truck just kept on rolling over [him],” said Mr Maamaloa.

It was only when other motorists alerted the truck driver by tooting their horns that he stopped about 70m down the road. …

Police said it appeared the cyclist had been riding down Parnell Rise and was turning left into Stanley St when he collided with the truck, which was travelling straight through from The Strand.

Inspector Cornelius Klussein said the truck driver, who had the green light, did not know the cyclist had come under his wheels until being alerted by other motorists tooting their horns.

“He assumed that maybe something had come off the truck so he parked up to see what was going on. It was only when he got out that he saw that something had happened.” 

Predictably the same mouthpieces who always arc up to capitalise on the death of a cyclist have blamed the roading, the truckie and lack of millions being spent on special measures for cyclists.

Barbara Cuthbert, chairwoman for Cycle Action Auckland, said the death was a tragedy.

“Cycling deaths with trucks are becoming a real worry. Quite honestly, it’s just a horrendous accident because cyclists are so vulnerable when the scale between the truck and cyclist is so appallingly different. It’s just not safe having the two modes sharing the same stretch of road.”

Good idea…how about cyclists get off the roads that trucks pay for. There problem solved. Cyclists will always be vulnerable when they run red lights and try a power slide under the wheels of a truck and trailer.

Greens MP Julie Anne Genter said the city needed more dedicated cycle lanes, like other international cities.

“Cities like Auckland overseas, they’re putting a lot more focus on cyclists. I think Auckland is falling behind. They [the authorities] have got to make it more of a priority.

“People feel really unsafe to cycle even short distances. There needs to be separated cycle lanes, particularly in the inner-city area.”

As usual the Green taliban pounce on misery to push their agenda…riddle me this Julie Anne Genter…How will a cycle lane protect a red-light running cyclist from impending doom?

Lance Wiggs who happened upon the accident yesterday and a road maggot himself let emotion run away with him and wrote at NBR:

Today’s accident was, like all accidents, preventable.

Like all accidents the root and contributing causes of the accident will be varied and troublesome, but are also able to be eliminated.

However like all cycle accidents in NZ they likely won’t be, and we should all be very angry and upset about this.

Yes I am pretty angry that a truck driver is being vilified for a cyclist running a red light. It certainly was preventable if only the cyclist hadn;t been hot-dogging down Parnell rise and running a red light onto the busiest stretch of road for Heavy transport in Auckland city.

Most of the causes of this and other accidents are fairly obvious, and have been observed time and again by cycling and safety advocates. They come down to one core goal, to seek to limit human-vehicle interactions:

  • That means physically separating trucks and cars from cyclists, and cyclists from pedestrians, through a system of bike and pedestrian paths that criss-cross cities and form commuter routes. This increases bike use, boosts the retail economy and reduces motorised traffic, reducing associated infrastructure costs as well.

Really? A cycle lane wouldn’t have solved this problem…the cyclist ran a red light! And there already is physical separation of cyclists from trucks…they are called bull bars.

The rest of his rant shows just how out of touch with reality he is, demanding the spending of millions to protect cyclists…and restricting trucks from their main egress from the city all because a cyclist ran a red light. He even invokes what New York has done as a possible solution forgetting about economies of scale and the different in size between New York and Auckland…I doubt he’d want the high rise apartment living that dominates in New York too…then again maybe he would being a man of the world and IT geek.

His call for electoral meddling on the issue shows what a bunch of single issue nutter road maggots are…and possibly explains why so many of them get run down through their own actions and arrogance.

It’s an election year, and this is a great time for all parties and candidates to take a tough stand. Cycling and work safety are not Green, Red, Blue or other party-affiliated issues, but ones that offer benefits across the board. Improving cycling safety and work safety generates more retail and manufacturing revenue, saves on medical expenses, prolongs lives, saves money for individuals and families and delivers better environmental outcomes. It’s cheaper than building roads and rail, and will make it far safer for our children to walk and cycle to school. It seems obvious, and will attract a decent number of voters looking for a better life.

The school thing is too funny…it is a circular argument. If parent stopped running Sebastion and Charlotte to school instead of letting the petals walk or ride their bikes then there would be heaps less traffic on the roads around school time…but they won;t because as is usual with these types, they want someone else to go first, pay first etc. Road maggots are like public transport advocates…they always wants Other People to pay or use the things they advocate.

Since I always get accused of whinging and not offering up solutions here are a couple for the road maggots to consider.

  • Licensing of cyclists with suitable fees and training course, much like motorcycle licences
  • Increased ACC levies for cyclists
  • Warrants of Fitness for cyclists
  • Road User Charges for cycles. Trucks pay RUC, motorists pay through petrol, time for the cyclists to start paying for the roads they want and demand access to.

The millions currently spent on cycle lanes is not justified by the small number of cyclists using them. I am yet to see a single cyclist on any of the cycle lanes out my way…installed, no doubt at huge expense, because one womble lobbied hard for it.

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