Dad of 9-year old drunk not naming alcohol supplier. Why?

When it comes to the 9 year old drunk kid, Steve Kilgallon continues the media’s focus on anything but the real problem. ?Today, a piece on the poor disenfranchised father

The father of the nine-year-old Hamilton boy caught on video drunk at a skatepark says police have made no contact with him over their investigation and he plans to lodge an official complaint about their behaviour.

The father, who is in a custody dispute with his former partner over the boy and his four siblings, said he was deeply frustrated that he’d had no contact from police investigating the incident, or from Child Youth and Family…

…”Nobody has got in touch with me, not CYFS, not even the police – they have not even told me a thing. I reckon it is their job, their responsibility to tell both parents [of the progress of the investigation], and if they are not going to do their job properly, I am going to take it higher.

“It is really frustrating, I get frustrated every time I think about it. I’d like to ask them why they haven’t spoken to me, they know where I am.”

Now, I don’t want to speculate about “the father”, and how he came to be an absentee father in the first place, but the whole ‘poor me’, ‘look at me’, ‘all I want is my kids’, ‘why isn’t anyone calling me’ routine is personal grandstanding. ?

Has he not heard of a phone?

Call the bloody police and ask. ?Call CYFS and ask. ?Don’t run to the newspapers with a bloody sob story.

And so the main stream media continue to focus on everything but the actual problem.

The whole routine is text-book Kahui Defence. ?Nobody is truly cooperating, nobody is named, time keeps going on and a complicit media keeps the focus on the parents as victims and the authorities as uncaring and incompetent.

The father knows who the alcohol supplier is, and he chooses to go into the media with a sob story about how the Police aren’t keeping a non custodial absentee parent up to date about an issue he wasn’t part of in the first place?

If the quantity of alcohol that was supplied to the 9 year old is correct, including the shots, then the supplier is lucky not to face manslaughter charges. ?Let’s first focus on getting the boy sorted out, then the supplier charged, and then figure out if these parents of the year are still fit to have children.