Disgrace to us all?


Disgrace to us all, or just his feral family?

The Herald on Sunday editorial exclaims that a drunk nine year old maori boy is a disgrace to us all.

Why is this feral family a disgrace to us all? We didn’t give him the alcohol.

Words can hardly express the harm inflicted on a 9-year-old boy in Hamilton this week by someone who gave him enough alcohol to get very drunk. If it was the first time this had happened to him – and his mother says it was – it would have been a far more confusing and frightening experience than even it is for someone old enough to know what alcohol does.

A teenager who recorded the boy’s condition at a skate park and posted it on the net may have done some good if the exposure prompts the police, child welfare agencies and legislators to take action.

This was child abuse of a particularly irresponsible kind, not so very different from violent harm. When the boy’s head stopped spinning and his vision cleared and his horizon was horizontal again he could be left with lasting damage. The smaller the body, the more dangerous binge-drinking can be; the younger the brain the more its maturation may be delayed and its ability to accumulate knowledge impaired.?

Yes this was child abuse…but a disgrace to us all? The larger disgrace is the collective media who refuse to name either the father or the mother. The fact that on this boy’s birthday neither the mother nor the father had any idea where their nine year old was while he was getting munted at the skate park is as much child abuse as the feeding the kid the alcohol. But the media continues to protect them.

If this was John Banks’ son, or any number of other minor celebrities their names and faces would be splashed all over the media…but a dysfunctional feral maori family spinning lines of bs get their faces covered up and protection from the media.

That is the disgrace.

Since when did media become censors? Since when did they decide to “protect” people from babd publicity?

The disgrace to us all is the gutlessness of our media in the face of what this editorial describes accurately as child abuse. For that reason alone we will see this occur over and over again because of a failure by key members of society, like journalists, editors and papers and organisations they work for lack the intestinal fortitude to confront societal issues with all the facts laid bare.

The disgrace of APN and Fairfax are these few words “chosen not to name”.

It is the media who are a disgrace to us all.