Enterprising, but wait till the whingers try to shut him down


The market gives up all sorts of opportunities and customers wants and needs must be met.

Entrepreneurs find those niches and cater to the wants and needs of those customers…until the wowsers move in and try to shut them down.

With a car boot full of fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets, it is hardly surprising that he is popular with pupils.

But parents and teachers are furious at the mobile trader who has set up shop at the gates of their school.?

They accuse him of shamelessly cashing in on their children?s appetite for junk food ? and in one of the worst areas for childhood obesity in the country.

Using his people carrier as a makeshift shop complete with signs and a till, the trader was selling 500ml bottles of fizzy drinks for 50p and bags of crisps for 30p ? around half the price? of shops.

But his days of dubious enterprise could be numbered.

The local council is considering outlawing him from the vicinity of the school after receiving complaints from parents. Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham, catering for 1,350 children aged 11 to 16, is in an area where a staggering 40 per cent of teenagers are overweight.

Parent Richard Glaves, 40, said: ?You see in the news about children getting fat because of chocolate, crisps, that sort of thing, and this man is ruthlessly exploiting that.

?It?s disgusting the way he is deliberately targeting children when he knows their parents will not be looking. To me, it?s no different than a drug dealer peddling drugs to addicts.?He must see overweight pupils and think he?s quids in.?

No Richard…kids get fat because they shove the chocolate an crisps into their fat gobs…if you leave them on the table no one gets fat. It is personal choice and in his case poor parenting.

This idiot parent doesn’t realise it is their wowserism that created the market in the first place. No doubt they arranged for ‘healthy’ snacks to be served int eh school tuck shop…stuff kids don’t like.