[EXCLUSIVE] The Internet Party strategy revealed

Bd96K8mCYAA9XKNThe Internet Party has been announced today by Kim Dotcom, complete with logo resplendent in the corporate colours of Orcon.

This story though reveals the background behind the party and the key people involved in the formation of the party including the exclusive release of leaked documents that outline their strategy and plans to hoodwink the public into voting for what is emerging as a left-wing front and political subterfuge.

The money:

The strategy paper (below) reveals that Martyn Bradbury is working for Kim Dotcom and is charging him $8000 per month plus GST for political strategy, on top of a $5000 payment to allow him to upgrade his computer, cellphone and tablet devices.

Bradbury refused to answer his phone despite messages and numerous calls. Bear in mind that Bradbury has also been on the parliamentary payroll for the MANA Party.

On top of that we can reveal that Wellington barrister Graeme Edgeler apparently also consulted to the Dotcom party and charged $3000 plus GST for a report into two electorates.Upper Harbour and Auckland Central. When we spoke to Graeme Edgeler he refused to comment on clients despite repeated questions regarding the nature of the report and billing arranges, his constant refrain was that he “refused to talk about clients”.

Then just yesterday Martyn Bradbury wrote a post about the pending Dotcom party where he stated:

I think all those urban professional male Gen X National Party voters who don?t derive an income from the Dairy Industry will find Kim Dotcom?s economic vision a genuine way forward and they will find it difficult not to vote for him.

Urban professional male Gen X National Party voters vote National out of default, appeal to their logical sensibilities and watch them change that vote. Many would feel their cosmopolitan skin crawl at the idea Key will cut a deal with a religious social conservative like Colin Craig and while that disgust isn?t enough to make them vote Labour or Greens (and they aren?t crazy enough to vote NZ First), Dotcom?s Party could very well be their protest vote in 2014.?

And fellow Daily Blog author Chris Trotter used a column in ?The Press to intimate details of the strategy as well. Though to be to fair to Chris he probably has distilled snippets of gossip he picked up over drinks at the pub with less than discreet blabbermouths.

Its electoral base will be the generation born into the internet age: young New Zealanders in their late teens and early twenties; tech savvy, media wise, eager to make their mark but frustrated by an older, baby- boom, generation which refuses to make way for those best-placed to deal with the daunting challenges and changes of the digital age.

It’s a demographic that is at once aggressively individualistic and touchingly collective: keen to make their personal contribution, but equally eager to share it. …

It’s even possible that the tightly-packed electorate of Auckland Central, with its tens-of- thousands of young, upwardly- mobile, inner-city apartment- dwellers, might end up being persuaded to guarantee Dotcom’s and Megaparty’s success by electing their (carefully chosen) candidate to Parliament.


Not when one considers the 1984 success of that other high- profile, beguilingly- roguish, self- made millionaire, Sir Robert Jones. Or the surprise defection of Auckland Central voters from Labour’s Richard Prebble, to the Alliance’s Sandra Lee, back in 1993.

Given his history of making the internet dance to his tune, Dotcom’s political apps and communication strategies are likely to give Megaparty a reach and a level of sophistication that New Zealanders have never before encountered.

As you can see from the strategy paper all of those things are contained within it. The is little doubt that Martyn Bradbury’s strategy was to utilise his fellow travellers to spread the message in advance of the launch and announcements on January 20.

I spoke to Chris Trotter and he confirmed my hypothesis that he had picked up bar gossip from indiscreet chatter. He was categoric in his denial of knowledge of precise details of the Internet Party and the extent of the involvement for money of Martyn Bradbury.

The Candidate: Martyn Bradbury

Further, the strategy document, which Trotter so clearly expands upon, shows that Martyn Bradbury intends to stand in Auckland Central as the Internet Party candidate, and be paid for the privilege of doing so. His strategy document outlines the need to establish an office.

The media compromise:

However the subterfuge is deeper than that. Sources have revealed that Scoop Media’s General Manager Alistair Thompson is to be the Party Secretary and has already registered the domain names under the Scoop Media banner. Scoop Media is also the name server registrant for the domain name and also that of internetparty.co.nz

registrar_name: 1API GmbH
registrar_address1: Talstrasse 27
registrar_city: Homburg
registrar_postalcode: 66424
registrar_country: DE (GERMANY)
registrar_phone: +49 6841 6984 200
registrar_fax: +49 6841 66984 299
registrar_email: [email protected]
registrant_contact_name: Scoop Media Limited
registrant_contact_address1: 29 Brandon Street
registrant_contact_city: Wellington
registrant_contact_postalcode: 6012
registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
registrant_contact_phone: +64 6449101844
registrant_contact_email: [email protected]
admin_contact_name: Alastair Thompson
admin_contact_address1: 29 Brandon Street
admin_contact_city: Wellington
admin_contact_postalcode: 6012
admin_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
admin_contact_phone: +64 6449101844
admin_contact_email: [email protected]
technical_contact_name: Alastair Thompson
technical_contact_address1: 29 Brandon Street
technical_contact_city: Wellington
technical_contact_postalcode: 6012
technical_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
technical_contact_phone: +64 6449101844
technical_contact_email: [email protected]
ns_name_01: ns1.scoop.co.nz
ns_name_02: ns2.scoop.co.nz

This brings up some interesting conflicts of interest too…Scoop Media is a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and now it appears they are running or at least hosting a political party website while their General Manager is the party secretary.

Scoop’s website states:

Scoop.co.nz is accredited to the New Zealand Parliament Press Gallery and fed by a multitude of Business, Non-Government-Organisation, Regional Government and Public Relations communication professionals.

We are the leading independent news publication in New Zealand and value our independence strongly.

Scoop.co.nz is respected widely in political, business and academic circles for the depth of its content and the quality of its reporting ? often giving voice to perspectives not being addressed through ?traditional media? sources.

I think it is safe to say that Scoop is no longer independent, rather it is now hopelessly compromised. Instead of reporting the news it looks like Scoop Media intends on being or manufacturing the news.

When we rang to speak to Alistair Thompson after Identifying ourselves he hung up and all further calls went to voicemail.


  • Martyn Bradbury to stand in Auckland Central
  • Martyn Bradbury on payroll for $8000 per month plus $5000 advance payment for technology upgrades
  • Graeme Edgeler produced a report, allegedly for $3000
  • Plans for so far unnamed candidate in Upper Harbour, reputedly a broadcaster.
  • Focus on Auckland Central and Upper Harbour
  • Plans to win at least 3 seats

Is there more?

There is more to this story and it will come out over coming days. Including the name of a rather high-profile broadcaster reported to be a possibility as a candidate.

Meanwhile both Martyn Bradbury and Alastair Thompson have many, many questions to answer about their blurring the lines between media and political activism in such and egregious and underhanded way.

From where I am looking at it from it certainly looks like Kim Dotcom has bought himself some media in order to continue his ongoing PR campaign to remain in New Zealand.

Sources tell me that his plan is to upset the election so that he can never be extradited, believing that the Labour party would be far more sympathetic to him than National. Using money to influence an election to buy yourself an outcome to a legal problem is called what readers?

The Internet Party Political Strategy White Paper