[EXCLUSIVE] Problem with your erection? Not to worry, NZ On Air to the rescue!

While blogs like this one stand on its own two feet with the help of commercial arrangements, private sponsorship and donations, others can’t survive unless they get to suck on the public money tit.

Blogs like?The?Pantograph Punch have been sidling up to the Air NZ trough for some easy money.

Innovation in arts, history and story-telling attracts NZ On Air support

16 October 2013

Five boundary-pushing digital media projects that between them will make history and street art accessible, develop young story-tellers, and entertain children, have been selected for funding from NZ On Air’s Ignite Digital Media Fund.

This was the second Ignite funding round, attracting 63 applications. The fund supports innovative and creative online content targeted to special interest audiences that are rarely well-served by mainstream media.

A project based in Nelson,?HEART?(Heritage Education Augmented Reality Tours),?will develop a tablet and smart phone app to bring to life historic photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum. Users will be guided to the photo locations, and through their device, can compare the views of past and present, and access audio, video and text stories about the locations. It is likely to be a useful pilot for other regions.

Lovely idea. ?But why are you and I being asked to pay for it?

Anyway, what does Viagra have to do with NZ On Air and The P… whatever… (who?)

Art and culture will be further supported by the inclusion of a stream of multimedia content to be integrated into the fresh journalism site?The Pantograph Punch.

Journalism you say? ?*sigh*

How much did they get?

Funding details

HEART – Heritage Education Augmented Reality Tours, tablet and smart phone app, Kiwi AR,?$45,000

If These Walls Could Talk, mini-documentary webseries, Trustme Ltd,?$42,523

Little Legends, app development, Luke Nola & Friends,?$44,080

Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life, 12 x 3.5 min webisodes, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions,$45,000

The Pantograph Punch, multimedia content stream, The Pantograph Punch Trust,?$30,715

Perhaps Cam Slater and friends should enter the next funding round?
Anyway, if someone, like me I suppose, were to tell you about?The Pantograph Punch, and the fact that they do “journalism”, and they received a cool $30k of of our money to do it, you might very well go…

Who they hell is/are?The Pantograph Punch?

And what do you do next?

Google it?

The Pantograph Punch Google search result 10 January 2014 / whaleoil.co.nz

The Pantograph Punch Google search result 10 January 2014 / whaleoil.co.nz

Your tax dollars at work producing top shelf “journalism”.