Explain this

This has to be one of the most fascinating photos ever.

Try to come up with a coherent explanation how those items ended up in that photo.

via Imgur - H/T alibaba605

via Imgur – H/T alibaba605

I’m expecting blokeintakapuna to win this one.  So who will be honourable 2nd place?


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hamilton mother giving her son some liquid?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Haha… Thanks for the vote of confidence Cam…

    “Man-ho Carl discovers that Mistress’s home brew is powerful enough to really knock ya socks off!”

  • Nechtan

    A wino, yazoo playing, sock puppeteer attempted to get a stray cat drunk so as to have a friend for his pet mouse?

  • Don W

    So we finally know what pants down has been up to

  • Garbageman

    I expect Bloke to win it as well after all this was after the pissup at his house, he told me while he was removing his clothing on the way to the shower in his drunken haze he decided to get the dog pissed when out of nowhere a kazooe marching band came marching past, this was about the stage BIT decided fk this and hit the bowl himself.
    cmon it almost explains itself

  • Allan

    Just another casual friday afternoon in Hamilton!

    • Mr_Blobby

      Just another average day in Hamilton.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Since getting the boot to the dog house, PDB develops an unhealthy drinking habit trying to sock it to his detractors. He still can’t find anything to kazoo about either…

  • Annie218

    Sock-napping cat now tries to get local dog drunk so she can video it and put it up on youtube bringing disgrace to all dog owners!

    • WABloke

      You have my vote! Excellent.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Carl’s obedience classes with Mistress wasn’t progressing as he hoped. In fact, he found it a real pain in the arse – hence with still being somewhat ginger on the ale requiring discrete obedience to toeing the line… He socked it to her again and again… as she slurped up his doggy style kind of intoxicating loving.

  • Blueballs

    Slinky Malinky turns to the bottle after latest Hairy Mclairy book deal falls through.
    Publishers say stealing Len Brown’s clean up sock and kazoo was the last straw.

  • motorizer

    words fail me.

    its like the time i was at the supermarket and the guy in front was buying shampoo dog food and a cucumber

    • notjaffa

      was he driving a mayoral car?

  • Spam

    It’s quite straight-forward: It was evidence collected in this case:
    What they didn’t mention in the article was that the pizza boy used the whistle (its a whistle, not a kazoo) to get the dog to come. He would then ply the dog with alcohol (to stop it biting him), and he used the sock as a make-shift condom.

  • steve and monique

    After my ninth birthday party, me and the dog went to the park to drink some codys. What pissed me off is, I left his bowl, my new whistle, and one of the socks Gran bought me. Mind you getting pissed with the dog was Choice as bro.

  • caochladh

    What are the two objects out of focus……one looks like a used condom?

  • notjaffa

    “Some animal lovers misunderstand the term “bottle-feeding”

  • notjaffa

    “Try to come up with a coherent explanation as to how those items ended up in that photo”” Why, Do you expect that the person who left those items in the photo is going to have a coherent explanation that we can check against?

  • sandynobb

    Auckland Daze: The journey of four hapless wannabes – a kazoo; a catfood bowl; an empty grog bottle; and a sock – all trying (and failing) to find success in New Zealand’s most unliveable city, Auckland.

  • notjaffa

    “Last night I partied my socks off, music until dawn, then I really needed a hair of the dog”

  • WABloke

    Was the picture taken in a Hamilton skate park? If so then nothing must be said and nobody is to be named.

  • Col

    A dirty nosed one sock kazoo player who eats chocolates and try’s to wash his Budgie in beer in the cat bowl, the Budgie fly’s away and the dirty nosed kazoo play chase’s the Budgie.

  • bristol

    Carl chicken’s out at the last minute to Cindy’s
    offer of a ‘return match’, dropping most of his props along the way whilst
    doing a runner. He did, however, manage, to hang onto the Hooded Spandex Full Body
    Binder Sack (not shown in picture).

  • Brent

    suspect escaped on moon hopper after naked man with one sock and a dog lead around his neck was picked up by Police in a destressed state. Police commented today saying the young man was taken to Hospital for swabs however Doctors say the young man was will flushed with a sugar Fizzy and samples have been sent to the Lab for analysis. Witnesses Have reported seeing a red head man early that evening on a Yellow moon Hopper with Matching Kazoo, Police suspet this is linked to a politcal Party.

  • Nechtan

    Herald Headline: “Child drinks whisky from cat bowl. Mother blames sock”

  • timemagazine

    Gone to the dogs.

  • MrAuz1989

    Violent affray breaks out when alcoholic vagrant tells kazoo playing busker to “put a sock in it”

  • Neen

    Was this stuff left behind the curtain at the restaurant Len?

  • Arran Hunt

    I hard but fun new year for Spot?

  • busman

    Just recieved his invite from David Bain