Only the face has changed

Labour has made much of the their new leader, he is the one to change it up for the election apparently…the great circuit breaker.

Apart from sitting on a mountain during his holidays it appears he has done little else.

His first foray into public was to re-announce the re-announcement that Labour was ditching the policies he himself came up with….and that David Shearer had already dumped.

Now he is using one of David Shearer’s tired and rather lame lines as his own.

Cunliffe _new NZ_How sweet…a “New New Zealand”…where have we heard that before?

Oh that’s right his former leader.



Perhaps he should go back to climbing the mountain, hugging the mountain.

He certainly needs something to clear his mind since spinning David Shearer policies as his own ?new? ideas and now with Cunliffe poaching Mr Mumbles? talking points it is?starting to look like 2014 is going the way Shearer started 2013: destined to fail.

I bet the union heavies are regretting backing their ?messiah? now.