Farrar spruiking for RTD manufacturers?


Yesterday I posted that the?RTD producer of the tipple of choice of Hamilton?s 9 year olds ? Independent Liquor?has remained tight lipped over the incident.

Saying nothing leaves the void to be filled by others.

Spanishbride said it all;


Today we see arts, fitness and travel blogger?David Farrar, post a spirited defence of RTDs. Farrar slates Labour?s attempts to capitalise on the drunk 9 year old Hamilton kid, and their efforts to reignite calls to ban RTDs.

While any chance to slate Labour is to be supported,?Farrar?s shameless? defence of his, and Young Nats? favourite drink of choice?can be seen as a bit of back scratching to Independent Liquor for producing his Kiwiblog RTD.

Farrar?s comment about whether a 40 year old builder in West Auckland should be banned from drinking a 7% RTD is straight out of the target marketing playbook of Independent Liquor. It si almost like they nicked the tobacco industry playbook.

Why a 40 year old Westie builder would drink an RTD made for readers of Cleo magazine is beyond me.

So while Farrar is running the lines for Independent Liquor, booze boss Julian Davidson?s PR strategy of keeping stum on this shocking incident is not doing them any favours.

Hell, even Len Brown fronted on a difficult story, why can?t Julian Davidson?