Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour

The NZ Herald has this headline:


But upon reading the story you find that there wasn’t actually a police chase.

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car fled police in Greymouth last night.

A police patrol saw a white Subaru station wagon being driven south along High St at high speed around 11pm. The constable turned on his lights and siren and pulled out to follow the vehicle. The driver did not stop.

High St veers left about 600 metres from where the vehicle was first seen and the officer quickly lost sight of the car.

When he came around the bend he found the car had crashed into a house on the left hand side of the street.

There were three people in the vehicle. One died at the scene and a second was trapped inside the vehicle for some time and suffered serious injuries. The third person suffered only minor injuries.

There was significant damage to the house, however no one was home at the time. 

Police have launched a homicide investigation and a serious crash investigator is at the scene.

Fairfax didn’t do much better, this is their headline.



Really? Come on…Deadly house smash?

Why don’t the news agencies put headlines that match the stories…some feral tried to evade the police, they wound up dead by smacking into some innocent homeowners house. But instead the media try to lay the blame with the police.

The person I feel most sorry for is the home owner who now has a smashed vehicle in the side of his house left by some feral who checked out in the process.


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  • Rodger T

    It`s John Keys fault ,the bastard.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes, Greens will be marching on the streets with Mana….

      • Mark

        I hope by “streets” you mean “motorways”…

        • Dave

          hmmmm motorways, that would give the motorists an unfair advantage.

      • Rodger T

        Only if you can get them away from their iPhones and dildos for long enough.

    • hagar

      The craziest one I heard was from the parents of one of these dead ferrals is that it was the fault of the government for allowing the import of these cars, and for the Japanese for making them. NO blame whatsoever on their dumb kid for driving like a maniac

  • hookerphil

    Is this the 18 year old mentioned before?

  • Michael

    Another young person killed by the Police. Even though they drove in a manner that endangered others, refused to stop when signalled by the Police Officer, and drove so recklessly afterward that they had a fatal smash. Yip, the Police are the ones to blame!

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes the Police are to blame. If you know that if you drive in any way dangerously the pursuit will be called off, what do you do, you immediately accelerate even more than you were and act in an even more dangerous manner, then later ,if the car is not stolen, have no knowledge of anything as far as you are aware the car has been parked in the driveway all night, anyway couldn’t have been me I don’t have a license officer. The problem is that if you kill yourself somebody has to clean up the mess, other wise its back to the more profitable road side TAX collection.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Police pursuit policy caused the accident, the scum know that if they drive to fast, accelerate, cross over the center line, drive through a red light etc the pursuit will be called off. No point pulling them over anyway, probably have more fines than you can poke a stick at and have no intention of ever paying. The problem is that the chances of killing themselves and others goes up. Better to have a policy of not stopping people who don’t want to stop , say if they have not pulled over in 30 seconds call off the pursuit.

    Ticketing other wise law abiding citizens for being over an unrealistically low speed limit, who are not driving dangerously is far more profitable.

  • It must be a legal thing… how can it be considered a possible homicide when the guy was doing a runner?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Maybe it was a passenger that was killed. A homicide investigation is a waste of time it, at best, would be manslaughter, because when he attempted to flee he had no intention to kill anybody, bring on the wet bus ticket etc.

      • Rodger T

        Yep, the driver survived.

        • WABloke

          …and is awaiting his wet bus ticket slap.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Probably get compensation for the mental anguish of it taking so long to go through the Courts.

          • Dave

            and for the nice policeman talking too harshly to him after the event.

          • Whanga_Cynic

            Well, he’ll get ACC out of your taxes!!

        • Mr_Blobby

          Darwin missed one.

      • Thanks for that. Interesting that in a later story, police referred to it as a pursuit. “There are two reasons for this. One is because there was a pursuit. The other is because the driver is not dead and someone has to be culpable when there is a death.” Might be a knee-jerk to refer to the dead man as a feral. Guilty by association?

        • Mr_Blobby

          Sorry Mt Policeman I did not know the car was stolen and I only met the driver tonight cant, remember his name.

          Home detention is not holding some one culpable for the death of some one else. For murder there has to be intent and engaging in illegal activities that could lead to death, if something goes wrong is not intent, apparently.

          • Dave

            Intent = running from police, evading etc.
            Illegal activities = running from police, speeding, failure to give way etc.

        • Dave

          The guy was speding, he fled police, end of story, guilty as charged. Had he have stopped, no problem and his passengar would most likely be alive, probably in jail etc, but alive.

          No, he didn’t stop, Darwin wins, condolences to the passengers parents and relatives, however, had your child been pulled into line a bit more often, chances are, they would be alive today. (note…. chances are…… cant be 100% sure yet the deceased was a complete feral)

      • peterwn

        Police always do (or should do) a ‘homicide’ investigation where someone could be blamed for the death. The Helen Milner case made that quite clear. If the ‘homicide’ investigation concludes that the death was caused by a criminal act (including OSH and land transport legislation offences) a charge will be laid. In any case the results of the investigation will be laid before the coroner. Even if not’ homicide’, the police will investigate any unnatural death for the coroner.

    • Michael

      Homicide is the killing of another person. It’s (legally) different to manslaughter and murder.

      The Police will attempt to get a full picture leading up to the crash and what happened afterward to determine the causes and actions, then charge those they view have reached a point where criminal culpability has been determined. While the immediate conclusion will be speed/recklessness by the driver, it is possible there was a mechanical failure or something on the road that caused the car to lose control. Police will need to prove that this didn’t occur to obtain a conviction.

    • notjaffa

      The police were the ones that pushed for a bill to be rushed through parliament to insist that all traffic accidents where a death occurs must be treated as a homicide.

    • MAWG

      Simple, the guy who died was not the driver.

  • There were three people in the car at the time.

    The deceased is a passenger, the driver is in CCU at Grey base Hospital the other passenger is also at Grey base in one of the wards.

    The site of the accident is opposite Grey Hospital on State Highway 6 between Marlbourough and Shakespeare Street junctions.

    Link to Google Maps: https://maps.google.co.nz/maps?q=Greymouth+Hospital&ll=-42.467855,171.202269&spn=0.023014,0.045447&fb=1&gl=nz&hq=grey+hospital&cid=1081127275368922640&t=m&z=15

    • motorizer

      wow! greymouth has an airport. Thanks for the link btw

  • A deadly house smash eh.

    Bad enough having to look out for bad car drivers, now we have to look out for bad house drivers too.

  • williamabong

    The gene puddle gets another cleansing, that’s one more that won’t blight our courts.
    Wait for the blah, blah, he was a good boy, he came from a good home, just went off the rails a little, wouldn’t hurt a fly, the usual script.

  • Bad__Cat

    Pretty good result, 1confirmed, 1 possible and one miss.

  • Dave

    Or, t othe parents for allowing their son / daughter to own or ride in one of these high performance machines. Near where I live, an 18 year old mum of two “local” stole a car, killed herself, yet posted on Facebook that stealing cars was going to get herself killed one day. Her sister is already in Jail for car theft, and the family and her community blame the government for not doing enough to stop them, or finding them jobs. Again, Darwin seems to have a way of correcting the anomalies.

    • Patrick

      Are you suggesting they move to Darwin? Probably the cheapest outcome for NZ Inc.
      Sorry lame I know!

      • Dave

        No Patrick, Darwin is closer to where I live, the other Darwin, remarkable chap.

        However, your suggestion does have merit, perhaps if they moved to Afghanistan, their survival skills would have been honed quicker.

  • FredFrog

    In other motoring related stories you have this:


    Now, I for one support the police officers assertions that this kid is a dickhead. In fact, I would also call him a fucktard, shitbucket, complete c*nt, and, by the sounds of things, his father too. My reason for this….

    Same little prick: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/9646651/Teen-hoon-given-chance-to-turn-life-around

    • hookerphil

      Hopefully he will in fact turn his life back, needs to let go of the abuse thing thou, would think he would have been just a belligerent little prick and deserved it

  • timemagazine

    The media always sides with the victim no matter bad the actions are.

  • Night Stick

    Meanwhile some worthy person on the hospital waiting list gets pushed back in line by some ACC claiming turd.

  • Tom

    Greymouth um let me think, last time I was there I met a guy who was 3rd generation unemployed. Wasted spaces.

  • John

    I blame poverty.

  • Cowgirl

    A homicide investigation?

  • Red

    The dead person was a back seat passenger it seems. No good. The Real Feral is lying in a hospital bed texting how his Life Sucks to his mates

  • Toby Matus

    He wasn’t driving, was he? The guy who writes this blog gives nothing to society except vitriol. I’ve seen his pics and he’s fat slob. Get off the computer, Cameron, and do something productive!!!!

    • jb

      Same for you.

    • Rick H

      Is that you, Len?
      Just quit.

    • Dave

      Toby before you go slinging off about the writer of this blog, who you are having a crack at, on his own bog which is kind of ironic, what the hell have you ever achieved to be able to take the high ground.

      Read all the comments, see what others think. he got in a car with a potentially drunk driver! A question before you start slinging off again, was his seatbelt done up? Did he beg, plead with the driver to obey the law and slow down, i doubt it. I look forward to your reply, but don’t think you have the courage for a decent debate.

      • Toby Matus

        None of that matters, you dumbass. I have sympathy for his family, and I struggle to understand how you can’t. I don’t bad mouth people who have suffered tragedies, so I guess that gives me more moral high ground that 99% of the commenters here. There’s give and take in a lot of politcal discussion, but not here. Cameron Slater was just running his mouth before he knew a fucking thing, bit like you trying to question be about my achievements, as if that’s a prerequisite to being allowed an opinion. I got courage to punch on, which is more than it takes for debate.

        • Dave

          well toby. Please as I said, read the comments, also read the headlines and article. your very wrong. a lot of commentators say condolences etc, but the headline is wrong. 1 there was no police pursuit at the time, they hadn’t caught up far enough at that stage. and,houses don’t hit cars! now run along read, reread and think a little. get the feeling from the commenters, in my opinion, its pretty much the feeling from most law-abiding kiwis. Thanks.

  • Toby Matus

    It this a blog where you twats masturbate each other by trying to be the biggest prick? I just read the mother of this young man has now lost THREE sons (Pike River and another killed by drunk driver when he was nine).

    I’ve been on this site for about 15 minutes now and it is sickening. You lot should be so ashamed. How can good people like you?

    • jb

      quit your apologist excuses. If the driver had stopped like he’s meant to, this all may not have happened. While it is sad that someone died and that family has had its share of misfortune, pile the hate on the driver of the vehicle.

      • Toby Matus

        Is that a message for me or Cameron Slater? I’m not the one saying it’s a good thing a passenger died in a car crash. Are you lot so devoid of real life experience that you can only see ideals??

  • Jaz Hamilton

    Great news Cameron, you’ve made the Greymouth Evening Star for this one.

    He was a passenger in the back-seat, not the driver. He was last of four sons; all the other ones were cut short in tragic circumstances, including Pike River. For a so-called “feral”, he had a lot of mates who loved him, and a family that did even more so.

    When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.

  • Nikki-Leigh Minaj

    You’re talking about one of our friends who was not, in fact, a ‘feral’. He was one of the most kind-hearted guys in our small corner of the world, who was always looking out for other people. Remember that you are talking about real people with real families who are suffering real consequences here. They aren’t just pawns in your mental game of proving how opinionated and ‘intelligent’ you are. This is horrible. I’m disgusted.

  • Nikki-Leigh Minaj

    And furthermore, how can a backseat passenger’s character come into question following an incident like this anyway? Shame on all of you.

  • Dave

    As I have said previously condolences to his family You say he had a lot of mates, well most cared but not the driver, he didn’t care enough to slow down, to back off to protect the passengers. Some will call this an accident, which is a way of letting the driver off. It wasn’t an accident, an accident is when something beyond normal control happens like brakes failing or a tyre blows out. It was a foolish and stupid mistake on the part if the driver. He had the opportunity to back off at any point and would have known very very well he was breaking the law. The house has been there for years and years, the corner has been improved over time and in my opinion, (note that’s an opinion) can cope with a car doing almost twice the speed. The truth will come out but, the one fact that needs to be recognized is the driver was not looking after his mates, at all. Again, condolences to the family.

  • Rosemarie

    Wow, just wow.. Cannot believe someone would even think such nasty thoughts and have such a horrible opinion on someone they have never met and know nothing about. This “feral” was a very close friend of mine and one of the most kind hearted nice people in this world. It is an absolute tragedy what has happened, and yes the police have been blamed by media when really it should be the driver who is which you are right in being pissed off about. But you have no right to comment on a passenger who you’ve never met before and clearly it wasn’t his fault so why hate on him? If you think he’s a feral then why not come down and explain yourself to his family and friends rather than sit behind a computer being a keyboard warrior.. I bet you wouldn’t dare say that in person. So much hate and anger, you’ve got serious issues mate. Quick to be horrible about others well take a look at yourself.

  • michael rooney

    Cameron Slater you fat useless cunt. trying to make out like you do more than sit in your room and wank and take credit for what daddy’s done. Hey NZ police, my name’s Michael Rooney, 14/12/1986. Judd Hall was one of my best friends in this whole world and you better get to this fat useless fucking turd before I fucking do. Do ya fucking jobs cunts or he’s 6 feet deep. Useless fucking fat scum cunt this isn’t a threat it’s a fucking promise

  • michael rooney

    this is obviously where the pretentious alcoholic wife beaters come to whinge. 2 fuckng minutes with me cunts …

  • michael rooney

    you gutless pieces of shit won’t post what i’ve said because you’re exactly that. 2 bit fuck hole cunts