Flakenstein donkey deep in class action against Coke and Frucor execs, Ctd

While Tony Falkenstein is trying to make out that he actually cares about sugary drinks,?his credibility and involvement in the obesity debate is tumbling?faster than his Just Water International share price.


Not only has the line ?just placed an ad in the newspaper seeking people for a class action against cola companies? been completely blown out of the water, Falkenstein is likely to have to face the wrath of a bunch of publicly funded troughers.?

His mates at FiZZ won?t like being played like two-bit hookers. They must have thought he was on their side, even giving him a?speaking slot at their upcoming troughing symposium on sugary drinks.

You have to ask the question if one of the professors, drs, associate professors (even Super Trougher of the Year Boyd Swinburn) running FiZZ, did a quick Google check on Falkenstein.

Maybe they didn?t come across this?pearl in the NBR;


If they did, they may be spared the embarrassment of having someone speak at their conference that seems to be only interested in using the obesity debate to flog off bottles of tap water.

Must be tough being the only person to have created debate in the community on obesity issues.