Did you forget this tweet Martyn?

Martyn Bradbury was busted yesterday…in the documents I released he asked for $5000 for a new laptop, phone and tablet…becuase if he was going to represent the Internet Party he’d ned cool toys.


Bradbury claims he isn’t on the payroll…yet…but strangely re-tweets every tweet of Kim Dotcom’s…he’s worse than the Gurnard.

But did he forget this tweet on January 7??



Apple lists MacBook Pros at a reasonable $1999 for the base model up to $3999 for the top model. The top models are always over-priced…and he’d?have?to leave money left over for a smart phone?and a tablet.

A grand approximately for an iPhone and between $599 and $1399 for an iPad…yeah I reckon he did alright out of the $5000.