Global warming strikes again, wonder how many Eco-loons are snowed in?

A snowpocalypse has descended on the Northeast US.

Apparently the storm will drop temperatures so much it will?freeze skin in 15 mins…even a good freezer can’t do that

Almost 100 million people across the Northeast battened-down-the-hatches as the huge?winter storm dubbed Hercules slammed the Northeast with stiff winds and punishing cold temperatures on Thursday, dumping nearly 2 feet of snow in parts of the region and threatening more.

The National Weather Service said 21 inches of snow had fallen in Boxford, just north of Boston, by Thursday night, while other parts of the state had 17 or 18 inches. It added that parts of upstate New York had received 18 inches while New York City was on course to get about 8.

With bone-chilling conditions that could freeze exposed skin in 15 minutes expected in the aftermath of the snowfall, authorities warned people to stay indoors and to only travel when necessary.?

That global warming is a real nuisance.

  • Cities from New York to Washington, D.C. to Boston are being hit by up to 22 inches of snow
  • The National Weather Service said 21 inches of snow had fallen in Boxford, just north of Boston
  • Warnings plummeting temperatures and wind chills below zero could freeze exposed skin within 15 minutes
  • In New York, Long Island Expressway, I-87 South and I-84 were closed at midnight until 5am Friday
  • Man died outside Philadelphia when 100ft pile of salt fell on him as he prepared it for gritters
  • ‘Ready for whatever hits us’: New NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio remained confidant while facing his first test just a day after taking office
  • In Massachusetts almost two-feet of snow fell and moderate coastal flooding is predicted
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced that state’s government would close completely on Friday
  • 2,300 flights have been canceled?and over 7,600 delayed nationwide
  • Meteorologists say three low pressure systems from the south and east have caused the snow storm