Hippy oil protest flotilla flops

The green taliban were out in force today in Dunedin, declaring that they were going to blockade the harbour…bizarrely more than two weeks before any drill ship arrives…but blockade the harbour they will.

Dunedin is split over the benefits of deep sea oil drilling, as 750 activists plan a blockade of Otago Harbour’s commercial shipping channel today.

Far be it from me to tell a trained journalist how to do their job but why not ask the eco-loon organiser why they expect 750 people to turn up to an event today when only 14 turned up to yesterday’s protest?

Uh oh…despite?all their publicity?they could only muster enough weirdos to fail to blockade a boat ramp.

Oil flotilla too small to blockade even a boat ramp

Oil flotilla too small to blockade even a boat ramp. Photo/ Pro Oil and Gas Otago

Given that drilling in the Great South Basin is for gas perhaps the media, instead of pandering to these eco-loons, could finds a scientist to explain the physics of gas washing up on the beaches and or devastating the fisheries?

But have a good look at the carpark filled with their vehicles they used to get to the “protest”. I love their parking skills.


Photo/ Pro Oil and Gas Otago

And there you have it, the people have Dunedin have voted by not turning up to their silly protest.

I wonder if the loons contemplated the material that their kayaks were made of and without oil wouldn’t exist?

They are nothing buy hippy-crites.