Hippy oil protest flotilla flops

The green taliban were out in force today in Dunedin, declaring that they were going to blockade the harbour…bizarrely more than two weeks before any drill ship arrives…but blockade the harbour they will.

Dunedin is split over the benefits of deep sea oil drilling, as 750 activists plan a blockade of Otago Harbour’s commercial shipping channel today.

Far be it from me to tell a trained journalist how to do their job but why not ask the eco-loon organiser why they expect 750 people to turn up to an event today when only 14 turned up to yesterday’s protest?

Uh oh…despite all their publicity they could only muster enough weirdos to fail to blockade a boat ramp.

Oil flotilla too small to blockade even a boat ramp

Oil flotilla too small to blockade even a boat ramp. Photo/ Pro Oil and Gas Otago

Given that drilling in the Great South Basin is for gas perhaps the media, instead of pandering to these eco-loons, could finds a scientist to explain the physics of gas washing up on the beaches and or devastating the fisheries?

But have a good look at the carpark filled with their vehicles they used to get to the “protest”. I love their parking skills.


Photo/ Pro Oil and Gas Otago

And there you have it, the people have Dunedin have voted by not turning up to their silly protest.

I wonder if the loons contemplated the material that their kayaks were made of and without oil wouldn’t exist?

They are nothing buy hippy-crites.


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  • Day Day

    750 my ass, was my initial thought. Most of them are from out of town.

    • W.Austin

      I don’t know why but I was hoping for 750 protesters, and maybe an angry fishing vessel ploughing through them. 14 protesters? I could swim through that blockade.

    • Rodger T

      260 on the news 2 mins ago and I suspect they have fluffed out that number .

      • 260, most of whom were from out of town like the conference speakers, Greenpeace representatives and Green MP’s like Gareth Hughes and Mojo Mathers, both of whom flew in on the taxpayer’s coin.

        But even if they were all locals, 260 out of a population of 126,000 equals 0.21%. In other words, 99.79% of Dunedin residents weren’t there protesting.

        • Other_Andy

          Would be nice if we could hold a counter protest.
          Unfortunately, we have to work so all those politicians and students protesting there can collect their pay, perks, loans and other benefits.

  • timemagazine

    It must be their relatives and close friends. Who else would be crazy enough to wast a good day for something like this?

  • How many fossil fuels does it take to create an oil-free future? I’d say it’d be at least a double-standard’s worth…


  • MarcWills

    Lord, as usual, more media than loons. Or are they the same thing?
    That is hilarious about the car park though. How the fuck do these people sleep at night?

  • Andy

    Plastic kayaks. Nuff said

    • Lord_Montrose

      They might be carbon fibre, but probably not, because they are cheapskates. What a good way to sequester carbon.
      My kayak paddle is carbon fibre.

  • Nechtan

    I’m no car expert but there aren’t many hybrid vehicles parked up. (Or horses and carriages for that matter)

    • Col

      I see a green one in the photo, that must be a hybrid, painted green?

      • Sym Gardiner

        The green one looks like a dirty big diesel guzzling Hi-Lux to me.

        • WABloke

          There’s a yellow one, far right, perhaps that’s solar powered? Won’t be going far in that weather. Or being yellow maybe it’s a lemon?

          • Sym Gardiner

            Na… that’s one of those weird looking Jap imports. Went through the photo… not a single hybrid. Although there is some poser in an MX-5 towing a small dingy. Didn’t think you could put a tow bar on them.

          • Kopua Cowboy

            Toyota Will Cypha. Right up there with Fossie’s ute.

    • Liberty

      Not a lot of VW kombis. and gone are the peace signs.
      Dosn’t fit in with the modern day Chardonnay socialist.

      • Nechtan

        No “Get of Vietnam” or “Make love not war” placards either. New causes new idiots.

    • Alfred12

      Look like most are ancient gas guzzling heaps of shit! The hypocrisy continues!

  • Col

    Uni is not back yet should have had it about Feb so all the students could go down on Sat for a good piss up, as normal the Greens stuffed up again

    • Day Day

      That might have worked. If the greens shell out for a few kegs. “Free beer!”

      • Nechtan

        Can you imagine the beer though? Some organic, ethically sourced brew, that’s weak as weasel piss. But you’re right, if its free the students will not care.

      • OneTrack

        They should have some spare parliamentary funds they can divert for the cause.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    This must be the same mob of idiots that hold their meetings in phone boxes. Just think of all that fossil fuel wasted just travelling to the non event but that’s just it, they don’t think.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Be even more ironic if it was sunny and they needed to smear themselves in petrochemical derived sun screen lotion too…

    • Patrick

      The sun doesn’t shine on them – it shines from their arses.
      You can tell by their smug attitudes.

      • Nechtan

        That explains the dull day in Dunedin then as they’re all sitting down.

        • Dave

          Ah, that would be a dull day by our standards, but still qualify as a brilliant day in Dunedin. not the warmest place in Aoteroa.

          • WABloke

            Where? Oh, you mean New Zealand, gotcha.

          • OneTrack

            The formal renaming is already scheduled for November 2014.

          • Nechtan

            Not on my watch.

          • WABloke

            I’ll stand beside you.

          • WABloke

            That’s a joke, right?

          • OneTrack

            First order of business once the new Green/Mana/Winston/Labour government is sworn in.

          • Adam

            The best part of their little protest was a perfect sunny, warm day before the protest, get their canoes out weather changes to wind and some rain, they leave and it clears, even mother nature is against them

  • Mr_Blobby

    Are they real volunteers or are they state funded.

    How do you come up with a figure of 750…. Easy you count the number of cars in the car park, assume all the cars were at full occupancy, ignore the fact that most of the cars would have been there protest or not. Easssssyyyy. A bit like turning up to a packed eden park and waving a protest flag and claiming 40,000 turned up for your protest.

    • Nechtan

      It would seem numeracy along with literacy, accuracy and impartiality are not requirements to work in the MSM.

  • Andy

    Are there other countries where MPs cruise around to student protests at the taxpayer expense?

  • Pete George

    “…bizarrely more than two weeks before any drill ship arrives…”

    They said in advance it was a symbolic protest and a practice run for the real thing in a few weeks.

    • Col

      The the students will be there then, pissed, and some may drown, wonder who will take the blame for that, yep JK.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “Dunedin is split …”

    • Nechtan

      About 99.9 to 0.1 % it would seem.

    • Adam

      was written by the same hack reporter that used to work for the D Scene (or Desperate Scene), that junk newspaper that folded as the stories were so bad that no one wanted it

  • Chiefsfan73

    More have commented on this post, ironic much

  • Dave

    Cant wait to look up the ODT tomorrow, headline. “Thousands turn out to protest” Or, a lesson from the Whale, point out there was only a handful, in Canoes made from Oil Derived Plastic, and the got there in OIL guzzling cars, not a bike in sight.

    They even had to have Police Protection, hope they are being billed by the police for that.

    • Adam

      The “ODT” as you call it is never accurate, always negative and will publish anything to try and mislead, its known widely as the “irrelevant Daily Whine”

  • conwaycaptain

    I told Gareth Thomas Llewellyn Hughes he was a Hippycrite and he didn’t like me calling him names and being involved in a “meaningful dialogue”
    It is very easy to block Dunedin Harbour owing to the narrow passage between two islands. However if they try that when an oil supply vessel comes in they are putting that vessel and the harbour at risk.
    You don’t need any new regulations or laws. Read the Collision Regulations!!! The preamble says it all as to where these reg applied.
    At HMS C we had to learn them verbatim and by the time I left Mum knew them better than me!

    • Dave

      Suggest the captain run them over, he has a choice CC risk grounding and a massive oil spill, and environmental disaster, or steady as she goes, a few protesters get squashed and minced. hmmmm keep going captain.

      • conwaycaptain


        The space for resolution through there is v small. Once you have come through Tairua heads you are committed. No Passing lanes, by passes or anchorages. You ain’t driving a 1500cc car.

        • Nechtan

          12 or so kayaks and 4 surfboards/wave skis hardly an obstruction. Shit the bloody wake would tip them over

        • Col

          Move too one side your in the mud that’s for sure, narrow as you say, wonder if Gareth will full his pants when he see’s the bow coming towards him, hope he knows how to paddle.

        • cows4me

          Well said sir, when you are committed on the sea you are committed, it’s not something that people would understand if they spent their lives rowing around an enclosed waterway.

    • Spam

      Well, Gareth will at least engage with the oil companies. Ask Russel if he is willing to engage in “meaningful dialogue” (he isn’t).

      • No, he’s not. He prefers the tactics of shock and awe’, ‘block and ignore’ on social media to avoid any chance of “meaningful dialogue”.

    • Nechtan

      “Gareth Thomas Llewellyn Hughes” ?? Presumably there are plenty of his ancestors turning in their graves in The Valleys over his anti mining stance?

      • sheppy

        With a name like that why can’t he just piss off to the UK and annoy the welsh?

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    LOL, there’s a Police car there. I hope the officers are aware soap-spray is far more effective on that sort of crowd than pepper-spray.

  • adsup

    They appear to be missing around 730 protesters.

  • ratmuncher

    I wonder if the kayaks were made out of whale bone and seal skins like the originals- whoops no…

  • Tom

    You know if 1 person from the 7 families that live there invited all their rellies it would be half of Dunedin.

    • WABloke

      You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses down there, you are one.

  • Pete George

    One of the ironies is there is far greater risk to the harbour ecology of a shipping mishap than there is from offshore drilling for gas.

    • OneTrack

      Dont worry, they want to stop that too.

  • jaundiced

    I assume that the Dunedin councillor describing the oil and gas industry as ‘unethical’ will therefore refrain from using oil based transport, or use any product
    derived from oil, or any product, including food, that has been transported by vessels using oil or gas, use no make-up or perfume…….

    • Nechtan

      You assume too much, jaundiced.

    • OneTrack

      Of course. To do otherwise would mean that they would be a hypocritical twat. Also known as a Green voter.

  • adsup

    Ironic to see the TV news and freezing Eco loons in the middle of summer worrying about global warming.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Parking like only unemployable white post graduate degree holders can…

  • Mike

    Bleeding marvellous! What a bunch of halfwits. Wrong on so many counts. But surely even the most dumbfucking halfwit would be embarrassed by this pathetic turnout. Go shell, go anadarko, drill the fuck out of the place, lets get this country moving!

  • Andy

    There was a whole weekend of conference and partying, the flyer is here (pdf)


    • Mike

      Yup, just read all that, what a bunch of knobends ! I can just envisage the sight, sound and smell of those meetings and it aint too pleasent!

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Oh wow I would have loved to show up to the octagon in some big old V8

  • Lofty

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….. Fucken ha

    • StacyMcNaught

      I agree, you had me at “ha” though.

  • Andy

    RFC Hughes a.k.a UFO Boy has a new website
    Be creative with your messages of support.


    • LabTested

      Message of support for drilling sent. The web site states the message goes to both the Government & drilling company. As the web site is funded by Parliamentary services I hope RFC is not editing them

    • hookerphil

      Sent a message saying I supported drilling as I believe in the economy on New Zealand

    • GregM

      Yep, sent them my message, my username “Jed Clampett” hehe!

      “I want to support deep sea oil drilling and wish Anadarko was here because this will be a great boost to the economy , and to the good people of the provinces, for absolute minimal risk.

      I also wish to say that Greenpeace, the green party and their un elected list MP’s do not speak for the majority of NZ.

      Welcome Anadarko!”

      • dumbshit

        what’s ellie up to these days –she was hot

  • cows4me

    Useless fucks, they should come to protest in Taranaki, the water is warmer.

  • motorizer

    idiots have parked in the trailer only spaces. i hate that shit! it gives me trailer rage!!!!

  • KiaOra

    Only 126,000 live in Dunedin? That’s equivalent to a very small suburb of Auckland. How can they afford a stadium?

    • Adam

      Last check Auckland has more than 11 suburbs so that doesn’t work out :)

  • middleagedwhiteguy


    Now it’s 250, on what Organiser Niamh O’Flynn of Oil Free Otago said included 26 kayaks, six boats, 10 surfers and a six person waka and a paddle board.

    What utter bullshit. An accurate report would have stated not only what the organisers claimed, but also what the reporters observed, which would jave been far less than 250 persons.

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      And all pissing about inside the harbour.
      Why aren’t they out there in the big briny waving their flags?
      I know.
      It gets breezy out there and a bit lumpy and the audience is back on land out of sight

  • dumbshit

    obviously have not heard of car pooling