Independent Liquor silent on 9yo Cody RTD drinker

Cody's, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Cody’s, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Sometimes the strategy is to stay silent and hope the problem goes away, or that no one notices it.

That seems to be the path Independent Liquor and RTD producer of the tipple of choice of Hamilton’s 9 year olds – Cody’s Bourbon & Cola, is taking.

Problem for Independent Liquor is that the story is not going away, if anything will continue to bubble away for some time to come

Maybe it’s because the marketing and brand experts are telling booze boss Julian Davidson that this is a great story and at every mention of the wasted 9 year old results in one of their key RTD brands getting massive (and free) exposure.

Maybe it’s a case of the need to always be in touch with the market, so don’t wreck a good thing.

But with the story now well into another media cycle and reaching around the world, you would think the company producing the RTD would have released a statement saying something along the lines of “…we’re appalled…  don’t condone this…need to be responsible with alcohol…”


But no. The deafening sound of silence from Independent Liquor’s Hunua base is hardly surprising.

Aren;t holiday’s grand…sun, surf, no one interested in the news…news vacuum…oh hell!


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  • OT Richter

    Eighteen cans. I don’t think so.

    So how is IL responsible when it was purchased by, and given to him by an adult? I don’t hear you blaming the gun manufacturers for the mass shootings in the US.

    • Garbageman

      Yep would only be cask wine or some such cheap booze, the alcohol side of things will not fix the underlying social issues

    • SJ00

      Agreed, can’t blame IL at all. Unfortunately this is the direction that some of our youth have been and are going down still. Some people continue to have this culture of drinking irresponsibility, thinking there is nothing wrong with giving minors drinks. Or weed.
      TV1 did have a picture of the family of kids all being cool holding (drinking?) beer from facebook.. just bad parenting.

    • Balanced View

      Couldn’t agree more. Seems Cam’s obvious beef with IL has clouded his judgement and exposed himself to some obvious hypocrisy

  • Andy

    Well, at least there was one fine citizen who brought this issue to the public’s attention. It would have been very easy to walk away and ignore it.

  • Brian Smaller

    Why should Independent Liquor say anything about this at all? Toyota doesn’t comment when someone let’s their kid drive their car illegally.

    • James M

      I see where you’re coming from however this has it’s differences.

      Lets say a 9yo did drive and crash a Toyota. The public and media won’t actually draw that much attention to the make and model, if at all.

      The Cody’s brand is splashed all over the web and its mentioned in every 3rd or 4th sentence in the video. It has some hot attention and I bet a lot of people that didn’t know what a Cody’s is now know its the drink of choice for young boozers.

      • peterwn

        The public would if it was a Porsche, Roller, etc. Perhaps not for a Bimmer.

        • James M

          This is true, but that would be a bit more to do the obscurity of a luxury car being driven by the youngster.

      • SJ00

        You obviously don’t watch/read MSM very much. Just the other day an Audi crashed with a police car. Why mention it was an Audi? Who knows how the MSM think, I certainly don’t. They are happy to try to sell a headline and draw a conclusion no matter how stupid it is. If they can take a dig at Toyota I bet they will.

        • W.Austin

          Exactly. Why they continue to mention the other car as being an Audi is beyond me. Why continue to mention Codys Bourbon and cola is also beyond me. Who didn’t whip a bit of the old mans liquor cabinet when they/we were youngsters?

    • justin

      Your right BS. But the industry is very powerful and has successfully negotiated politicians from both sides of the spectrum. NZ has very liberal approaches to the liquor laws, the more this story runs the more that kiwis will have to front up to their social issues.

  • Col

    I wonder if this would have become front page stuff, if the House was sitting and Lenny Brown was having another affair, no difference really, like Lenny Brown, Independent Liquor have no morals.

  • Night Stick

    If he had access to 18 cans of RTD then our welfare industry is seriously generous and wasteful.

  • DLM

    Lost PR opportunity for brand owner to say something constructive. By maintaining their silence, it’s as if they don’t give a tinkers’ cuss.Then again, they probably don’t give a tinkers’ cuss.

    • W.Austin

      How is it their fault? If not codys or whatnot it would be sherry or cask wine. Mercedes don’t take blame when a rogue bus driver crashes do they?

  • sheppy

    Dawdling along the shore today staring at my speedo I heard someone on Talk Radio mention that the ingredients of these things make interesting reading. Specifically that caffeine and sugar are added in unspecified amounts presumably so the person drinking them is awake long enough to drink more than they would with a regularly mixed drink.
    Haven’t been able to check as I don’t drink them, but if true it sounds like the recipe for a quality hangover

    • James M

      You know the funniest part. Most of these bourbon RTD’s are artificially bourbon flavoured. And they have a lovely laxative effect.

      Its just pure ethanol distillate with artificial bourbon flavouring and a dash of highly sugared and caffeinated cola.

      The only ones that tend to have real bourbon (and low quality at that) are ones marketed as being aged and have a higher price tag e.g. Canadian Club RTD’s.

      But all of them are absolute rubbish. They are not made to be enjoyed, they are made to get you shit faced.

      • Like most RTD’s, sugary and alcoholic. Same shit, different flavouring.

    • LeftRightWrong

      The primary reason why IF I do drink I buy and mix my own.
      There are to many unknowns and unpleasants in lolly water.

      • Yep, stick to Jack Daniels (bottle). Or a good gin.

        • LabTested

          Mr Happy goes on holiday when I drink JD. I am too old to be doing the shit that happens then. A nice Appleton’s rum makes for a mellow evening

        • W.Austin

          I certainly agree with you about Jack, Gin I could take or leave.

  • wiltinpenis

    I’m not going to bother watching the video again, but I’m positive the kid said “an 18 box” when asked what was the most he had ever had (or something similar). I doubt if he drank that in one sitting ( he would have likely been hospitalised) and I doubt if he had had more than one can in the video instance. He actually displayed great balance on his scooter. He was putting on a HUGE act.

    • Very few adults would even be able to drink that amount, let alone a 9 year old child. He may have drank FROM an 18 box, but he sure as hell didn’t start and finish it on his own.

      7% too, I’d say he would have off his chops after 5 cans.

      • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

        Mate personally I’d be fucked off my tree on 2-3 Cans, having not drank for many many years…

        • Exactly, so imagine how a 9 year old child would go, with such a small body mass and low tolerance for alcohol.

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            He still went for Slake with the Boys I noticed…

  • blairmulholland

    I’m not sure what the manufacturers of a legal product need have to say when their product is disseminated illegally and used immorally. That’s like blaming Tim Berners Lee for child porn online. It’s garbage. Alcohol manufacturers have no culpability in this at all. The problem is the lack of penalties for supply to minors in what amounts to child abuse.

    • Oh? Damn. I was going to blame General Motors for my speeding ticket last month. There goes that idea.

    • justin

      ***can of worms***
      Is it like MegaUpload disseminating and used immorally???

      • blairmulholland

        Well not really. MegaUpload know some of their content is illegal but refuse to police it adequately. IL have no idea what adults are going to do with the alcohol they buy after they buy it, and they have no control over it. The analogy would hold only if the woman was an IL employee supplying liquor to a minor on company property. That doesn’t seem to be what happened in this case.

  • notjaffa

    Let’s also ban all glue, because it’s often sniffed, and ban all fuels and solvents, for the same reason. All paints must go, as they are used for tagging. All kitchen knives must go, they are potential murder weapons yada yada. Soon some idiots will be suggesting banning internet access to young people too, since it is also dangerous! (hilarious right?)

  • cows4me

    Oh for fucks sake, what a beat up. A child was killed on an atv a few days ago, is it the fault of the makers of atv’s? You fall for the same horseshit that infests this country, pass the buck it’s their fault. Lay the blame where it properly lies, the adults in charge of the child.

    • Dave

      Word is Mum was at a Tangi, it wasn’t her fault. Well mum, its called Parenting. Find someone (most likely not in your Whanau) that is trustworthy, and then your years of positive parenting, will ensure your offspring WON’T touch any alcohol, unless, he is following in the footsteps one of both of his parents have provided.

      Take responsibility you stupid …………

      • Saggy

        C…., cu…., woman

    • john Doe

      Agree. The post is a beat up.

      When a kid overdoses on petrol…do we blame
      When a huffer dies …do we blame
      When a tagger gets killed…do we blame Dulux..I think not.

      • hookerphil

        Think we should blame Durex

  • MarcWills

    It’s just as well it was an RTD – if it was a bottle of bourbon, then most likely, the kid would now be dead. With RTDs, the alcohol content is fixed, and for most youths and adults it will take quite a serious attempt to drink too much to be fatal. If you mix your own, well who knows, but I can guarantee that if that’s what it comes to with bans on pre-mixes, the Coroner will be much busier.

    • W.Austin

      Correct. Aussie taxed the shit out of rtd’s and the kids went straight to cask wine. Who wins?

  • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

    • motorizer

      thats really more of a jim beam song. Codys is far less classy.

      • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

        Hey ease up on the little dude, hes on a budget until he’s a bit older and can claim more benefits to get the better stuff alright….

  • notjaffa

    Here’s an interesting and dramatic fact that many people may not realise. Independent studies (admittedly not entirely scientifically verified at this point) have shown that the vast majority of people who have died in the last 100 years, did, at one or more times prior to that point, sniff oxygen!

    Stand with me brothers and sisters, lets wipe that evil substance abuse from our communities! How many more innocent children have to die before we ban oxygen!!

  • These products are targeting young drinkers specifically. They are made very sweet to cover up the alcohol. Also they look the same as an energy drink. My students found a pack of what looked like energy drinks. They asked me if they could drink them. I said no, but I would let them each take one home. Luckily for me one of my students started reading the label out and said, Miss it has 7% alcohol. The other students groaned and said what did you tell her for. I then opened them all up in front of them and poured them out. I had one in my hand and without my reading glasses for the fine print I really thought they were energy drinks.They looked just like the cans my students bring in the morning to wake them up.

    • Get a Grip!

      and your point is?

    • Callum

      Except you have to go into an R18 venue to buy them, so the only way kids get near them is through an adult. And who the hell loses a pack of RTD’s for your students to find?

  • Rick H

    “Independent Liquor” has no reason to say anything at all.
    The products are NOT aimed at 9 y.o kids; but at 16+ y.o Bimbettes.

    back in the day, didn’t we all have in the boot; as per the hymns of “Fred Dagg and the Bruces” a “bottle of ‘Cream de Meth’ – to get the sheilas pissed ?