Instant Karma for Tailgating. Just back off ok?


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    That’s not really tailgating

    • If that’s not tailgating to you, you’re a shit driver. Just saying.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        I’m sorry, I thought tailgating was being within a foot of the car in front – should I be 10 meters back puttering along too?

        • Defensive driving course for you son. Were you too young to take notice of the tv campaign years ago “only a fool breaks the 2 second rule”.

          Shit drivers like this guy only make it a nightmare for good drivers, and truck drivers. People that have the “but I drive like this all the time” mentality are seriously concerning.

          If you ever get a class 2,3,4 or whatever license and drive on motorways like that you’ll understand what I mean.

          People think that because they CAN do that, it makes them a good driver.

          Kinda like, but I’m a good driver when I’m drunk, I’ll be right!

          • Pissedoffyouth

            I am a defensive driver however that is not a tailgate. Maybe he is a little too close but come on – if I was driver in front I wouldn’t think he was tailgating?

          • “Maybe he is a little too close”

            Yea, we call that tailgating :) he had absolutely no time to take evasive action, because he was right up the other cars arse. He made the choice, paid the price. Serve him right. Maybe it would have still hit him, maybe not. But he didn’t even give himself a chance to make a decision.

            I hate cars tailgating me, and I hate doing it too, for my own sake. Anything happens in front of you, and you’re in the back seat of the car in front comparing heads injuries. But maybe I pay a bit more attention to these things being a truck driver. I’ve seen too many dickheads pile up on the motorways because they were following as close as this guy was.

          • Magoo

            Defensive driving – Pick a reference point on the side of the road such as a tree or a lamppost. The time it should take between the first car passing it and the second car passing it is 2 seconds, anything less is following too close. In this case the distance between the 2 cars is about half of what it should be due to there only being a 1 second gap between the cars. In wet weather the gap should extend to at least 3 seconds.

          • jaundiced

            Well I agree you’re defensive, but a shit driver

        • James Howlett

          Hate to point it out – but whether you’re 1 foot or 15 metres back from whatever you’re following – you’re still puttering at the same speed.

          • And 10 or 15 metres is still too close.

          • James Howlett

            Depends a bit on the speed you’re travelling but yeah, in a regular car at 100km/h 15 metres would mean just about superhuman reactions to avoid a crash in front.

    • Jman

      If the car in front suddenly has to slam on brakes for whatever reason and the car behind doesn’t have enough time to not slam into the back of him, then he was tailgating. That is most certainly the case here. If you want to be a safer driver you should always bear this in mind.

  • dumbshit

    captain hornblower!

  • motorizer

    way to stop in the middle (or side as the case may be) of the road. couldve pulled off to the side. what a shit driver.

    • Exactly, tail gates, AND stops in the middle of a merging/on ramp.

      Total shit driver. These are the kind of cunts I have nightmares about as a truck driver.

    • Cremster

      I think his judgement on where to stop the car was impaired by being impaled to the driver’s seat and hence dead

      • For a dead guy he did a good job with tooting his horn, stopping, AND upload the footage.

        If I’m that capable when I kark it, I’ll be more than happy.

        • Cremster

          Ha true. I assumed the tooting was his lifeless head flopped on the steering column.

          • Rockfield

            Ahh, so Clare Curran was driving …. R.

    • Magoo

      I think you can judge drivers by whether they tailgate or not, especially on the motorway. A tailgater will more than likely speed, won’t indicate, change lanes dangerously, cut corners, won’t stay in their lane, won’t let people merge into traffic, are aggressive drivers, etc. If they cracked down on tailgaters they’d be focussing on the worst drivers on the road. Next time you see a tailgater on the motorway watch the rest of his driving as well and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        I think if you get tailgated often you must be going slow as shit?

        I try not to tailgate but when people are going well under the speed limit in perfect conditions how else are you supposed to tell them to get out of the inside lane so you can pass legally?

        • By risking your life and theirs? Great logic.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Tailgating would go down substantially if the police decided to crack down on the muptards who are causing the hold ups?

            Nobody tailgates somebody going 100kmh on a new motorway.

          • You’d be surprised…

        • Magoo

          I’m not driving slow as shit at all, usually 5 to 10km/hr over the speed limit unless I have my children in the car in which case it’s around the speed limit. Tailgaters are all over the motorway at or above the speed limit, & they should think very carefully about how someone is gonna kick the living shit out of them when they injure someone’s kids by ramming their internal organs into their ribcages and fucking their necks from whiplash.

  • Beagle2

    The way that flicked up you’d probly cop it if you were following 3 or 4 cars back.

  • Bad__Cat

    A good cure for tailgating is having all brakes locked and heading fo the back of a logging truck at a great rate of knots. It worked for me!