The Kiwi that put the 8 yr old drunk on YouTube: Hero or Villain [POLL]

Jenna Lynch and Jonathan Carson have the story of the day today. ?They interviewed?Bradley Goudie, the 18 year old who recorded the 8 year old boy off his face and made him famous world-wide. ?(if you ?missed it: ?the video is here)

The man who filmed a drunk young boy at a skate park says he would not have released the video if police had acted hard and fast, and communicated that to him.

Bradley Goudie, 18, uploaded a video online which showed a nine-year-old boy at Fairfield Skate Park in Clarkin Rd [Hamilton] on Tuesday afternoon with a can of Cody’s Bourbon and Cola – 7 per cent alcohol.

The boy, who struggles to stand and slurs his speech, says “I’ve been drunk before”. He also says he was given alcohol by his aunt.

Goudie, a professional scooter rider, said he was so shocked by the apparent drunkenness of the boy that he turned his camera on him and exposed what he considered one of the biggest issues in New Zealand – underage drinking.

When he had stopped filming, he immediately rang the police.

I think I would have called an ambulance too. ?

“We indicated to them that it was serious, that there was an 8-year-old boy drunk at the skate park, no safety gear, no nothing.”

Police told him they would go and investigate and call him back with an outcome. Police said they responded to the call as soon as it came in and located the boy at his home nearby soon afterward.

But Goudie didn’t hear anything back.

“I would sort of expect a more urgent response because a child’s life was in danger,” he said.

“That’s when we decided to put the video [online].”

I’m not going to frame this before the poll. ?Based on the information available to you:

Goudie is a

  • Hero - He did all the right things, and when he thought none of it seemed to have an effect, he used The Tool of his generation: The Internet (84%, 711 Votes)
  • Villain - He should have put the needs of the boy before the needs of the wider debate (8%, 68 Votes)
  • Neither - see my explanation in the comments (8%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 845

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“While police are grateful the cameraman rang 111, we feel the boy’s interests would have been better served had he provided the footage to police or CYFS, rather than further victimise the child by publishing the footage,” Nicholls said.

He said police had contacted Google to remove the footage but also made a plea with Goudie that he take it down himself.

“Early investigations suggest there is no culpability on his part . . . morally I plead with him to do the right thing.”

But Goudie thinks that the issue needs exposure, and he meant no harm in posting it.

“It’s hard to say really. What do you do? Do you take it down and hide the issue or do you leave it there so that more people see it and more people think about it?

“My intention was for someone in NZ to see it and do something beyond my power.”

Even if he takes his video down, the footage has gone viral, with combined views on various sites totaling more than half a million.

The rest of the story is here?at Stuff.

So, how did you vote?