Len Brown discovers another gamble has failed


The Brown spin weasels only had one trick left: ?Push the issue into the holiday period.

With the EY report “delays”, they managed to drag it out. ?Released early enough to prevent calls of cynicism, the public got about a week to be outraged before we all upped sticks and put our minds on having some time away from things.

If you’ve been wondering if the tactic has worked – no it hasn’t. ?

For some time now, a clear majority of people consider Len Brown’s position completely untenable, and there are no signs of this improving in any way.

ZB Poll

ZB Poll

If he continues to hang in there, he will not be able to perform the job he is being paid to perform. ?Auckland is paying for a never ending source of jokes.

It will distract from all the important issues Auckland faces.

If he has the confidence of his convictions, he stands again. ?If he is able to win the mayoralty again, then he does have the mandate he so fraudulently quotes to hang in there against the majority of people’s wishes.

Len Brown must stand down.