Obesity ‘experts’ ignore simple truths

The Herald, in its usual tell only half the story trick, has an article ?Race to stop us eating our way to early death?.

It?s a puff piece for trougher Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu (pictured on left below) who is now tucking into $5 million of taxpayer dosh to get to the bottom of why Kiwis are getting fatter.

There will be the usual calls for fat taxes, labelling changes, blah blah blah.

What would have been more useful for its diminishing readership would have been a really simple message ? Eat Less Crap Lose that Fat.


There?s a really, really, really simple way of losing that lard, according to Sam Pease (pictured here on the right).? Sam used to be ?fat and frazzled? who found none of the popular diets worked because they constantly banged on about giving up all those great tasty foods people love, like McDonalds.

Sam watched weight loss organisations, spied on slenderellas, followed fatties and developed a diet that allowed her to eat chips, cheese and carbs. The result ? lost 28 kilos in 5 months ? and it didn?t include an expensive gym membership.

Since the Herald doesn?t want to be helpful, I thought I would be.