PC Brigade say don’t make your kids kiss granny

Britain once again shows the stupidity of giving taxpayers money to idiots with degrees to inform us how to live.

Time for the poms to go on a Quango hunt.

Getting a reluctant child to give an elderly relative a kiss often requires some gentle persuasion.

But parents who force their sons and daughters to give granny a peck on the cheek may be doing them harm, it was claimed yesterday.

For instead of helping a child learn about showing affection, it may blur the boundaries of what is acceptable when it comes to physical contact, according to Lucy Emmerson, co-ordinator of the Sex Education Forum.

She even claims that encouraging a youngster to blow a kiss, high-five or wave to a relative instead will help them avoid future sexual exploitation.

Children need to learn from the start about the importance of consent and that ‘their bodies are their own’, she says.  

Her controversial comments, in an online sex education resource for teachers, were immediately attacked by family campaigners.

They said there was no evidence that children who are persuaded to kiss close relatives are more at risk of being sexually exploited later and said her recommendation undermined parents.

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said: ‘Even if the distinction is lost on the Sex Education Forum, children and young people are able to recognise that there is all the difference in the world between self-consciously– and perhaps on occasion reluctantly – kissing an uncle or aunt on the cheek on the one hand, and accepting unwanted sexual advances on the other.’

Miss Emmerson made her comments online in the Sex Education Forum’s termly e-magazine. Discussing the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, which found that one woman in five and one man in 20 in Britain had experienced attempted sex against their will, she said it raised questions over when children should be taught about consent.

Saying that it showed non-consensual sex is widespread, Miss Emmerson added: ‘I believe learning about consent starts from age zero.

Much is learnt by young children from everyday experiences about whether or not their opinion is valued and if they have any control over physical contact with others.’

This is ridiculous..not everyone has an Uncle Bully.


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  • Pete

    I cant believe a once great nation like the UK has kow towed and doffed it’s cap to a point where they are scared of thier own reflection in the mirror.! As far as I’m concerned they need to close the boarders and stop all immigration, then deal with the illigals and trouble causers by sending them back to where they came from, and then the best bit, clearing out the govt depts, councils and kwango’s full of hand wringing white liberals who have over the last 30 years ruined the country…and most importantly, backing out of the EU.

    • Harry B’Stard

      New Labour fucked them over, they got what they voted for

    • LesleyNZ

      Which Pete are you? Old Pete or New Pete?

      • Pete

        No, I’m Pete, the 1000 year old dead Irishman!

        Peat. ! ;)

        • 1951

          Uh ha, you won’t be as good looking as Pete (mod) then….?

          • Less body hair, we can but hope

  • I don’t know cam. Kids are paraded like chattels at times. Babies are handed around like someone’s showing off their latest smartphone, and when Auntie Flo, 82 not out, comes ’round for the first time in 23 years, complete with prickly facial hair, why does this mean she has to be allowed to physically impose herself on a complete stranger that happens to be a child and can’t say no?

  • Heh. Two Petes leave a comment on either side of the debate. Let Pete be victorious!

    • Pete

      Pete says, “Your never alone with schizophrenia” and so do I

      • I used to be schizophrenic, but now we’re both alright.

    • LesleyNZ

      Now we are going to be confused – 2 Petes.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I am with you on this one Cam. Who in their right mind could mix up a welcome or goodbye kiss with Nanna and Poppa? Whether willing or reluctant (as in my case), there is absolutely no sexual connection for a child to relate that experience to. Sexuality is learned much later in life, after the relationships of bonding. I would definitely encourage bonding before sex education!

  • lewis5450

    When will the experts understand we are complex beings. Maybe they have a point about forcing kids to hug, but gentle encouragement is part of parenting; and lack of respect might lead to elder abuse later on! Let alone teaching youngsters about good and bad touching.

  • adsup

    My mother would cut me out of her will and never talk to me again if I told my kids to high five her instead of a hug.

    • Andy

      Giving a Granny a high five might cause unnecessary stretching for the person of age and cause physical harm which may contravene the human rights charter

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Is it telling that the ‘expert’ making the claim that such kissing is ‘inappropriate touching’, is a Miss….Emerson?

  • Andy

    I read the Mash version before I saw the original one. The Mash is closer to the truth

    Youngsters have spoken out in support of government advice that they should not be forced to kiss their grandparents.

    Eight-year-old Tom Logan said: “Granny’s skin is thin and crinkly like an Egyptian scroll.

    “After kissing her cheek I have to use a toothbrush on my lips because of the dead person taste.”


    • Garbageman

      I would find it more concerning an 8 y/o knows what an Egyptian scroll feels like and a dead person tastes like..bizzare

      • Bunswalla

        Boiled cabbage and piss.

  • Andy

    It is odd that they are claiming that “there bodies are their own”. This is the same country that forcibly sedated a woman and delivered her baby by C Section without her consent, and then took her newly born child into “care”. (All on the premise that this woman had bi-polar disorder)

    It is also the country that forcibly removed all the teeth from an autistic man, condemning him to a lifetime of liquid food, on the grounds that they were protecting him from self harm.

    [EDIT – I see my new avatar has been updated]

    • ratmuncher

      From one black bro to another – great avatar.

    • Garbageman

      A golliwog how very unpc..i love it

      • Andy

        This is a picture of my Christmas present to myself (tragic, I know)
        I was advised (by a tongue in check sales lady) at the shop that it is called a “Mr Golly” as one is not supped to call them Gollywogs anymore.

        I was utterly shocked at the gender stereotyping. “Mr” Golly? Whatever next?


        • Garbageman

          Yep cracked me up the big stink down here (invers) when they were selling them before xmas, they stuck to their guns and continued selling them though

          • Andy

            Good on yer mate…

  • LesleyNZ

    My little grandson loves his Granny and his Granny loves him so so much. He loves hugs and kisses. He knows how to blow a kiss, high five and wave. What stupid, dumb, ridiculous, and very unloving stuff Lucy Emmerson believes in. Leave us Grannies alone PC brigade. My little grandson is going to grow up knowing that he is much loved. As for consent. When he doesn’t want to do something boy oh boy do we know.

  • Rodger T

    It`s that time of year when the media ,short of real news, have to publish every utterance of the educated retards.

    • richard.b

      Love it “educated retards” sums it up.

    • ex-JAFA

      They’re savants, little miracles of nature. They know so much, yet know so little.

  • Col

    Where do these people come from, bloody amazing story makers, do they sit on there bum all day and, oh I have an idea, all this money wasted on bullshit.
    Next thing rooting will be banned because it produces carbon foot prints, condoms are bad for you, and if you play with yourself your hand will fall off, hence the one finger typing.

  • TLL

    For gods sake. If kids want a kiss and a cuddle they will make the approach. Putting aside whether or not it impacts sexual behaviour later in life……so granny rocks up and decides she wants hugs and kisses from the kiddies……..is actually not about her. If they dont want to……they dont want to….simple. If they are rude to dear old granny, thats a separate issue.

  • Rodger T

    More importantly ,it should be against the law to have to kiss/hug ur mother-in-law.

  • Errr if you want to protect your children you educate them. As soon as our children were old enough to understand I talked to them about stranger danger and the parts of their bodies that were private. However I am well aware that danger can come within families so I discussed that as well. I said if ANYONE, me included ever did anything that made them feel unsafe that they should go to someone they trusted and tell them. I made it clear that NO ONE had the right to make them do any thing that made them feel yukky. It worked well. My little daughter in fact was very keen to kick any male in the crotch who tried to touch her and to then run away fast. She still is LOL.

    • Cowgirl

      I agree – my mum used to give me a speech all the time about if anything happened to her then she would send someone I knew to come get me, and never to go with anyone I didn’t know yada yada yada.
      It’s only now I realise that was the ‘stranger danger’ speech but she didn’t freak me out with it. It totally worked too – I’d never have gone with anyone I didn’t know.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I absolutely hate once were warriors. I cringe very heavily when I watch any scenes from it because I know that kind of thing happens in real life and the thought of punching out my partner or anyone makes me squirm