Our Pinko Mate on Socialist Bars

David Farrar interrupts his travel blog to have a sook about police not wanting to waste resources on policing drunken bogans after?3am. The rest of us have to subsidise him and his mates if they want to stay out to?3am?boozing.

I wish the Police would stick to their jobs and not try to become like the Mutaween. It is not their job to decide people must stop dancing in town by?3 am.
I?ve often been in town after?3 am. You may be at a function until around?11 pm, and then want to head out with a few friends to carry on talking and drinking. We?re not being rowdy, not drunk, not causing problems ? just enjoying some drinks and conversation. On other occasions we may mix that in with some dancing, which you know is legal and okay to do after?3 am.?

When Farrar gets back from his never ending holiday he needs to explain how subsidising socialist bars to stay open until dawn is consistent with him being the founding member of the Taxpayers Union.

Taxpayers shouldn?t have to pay to police drunken bogans at three am. If bars want to stay open late they should pay their own security costs, clean up costs and the costs of bogans who end up in hospital because they have got pissed up late at night.