Is this for real! Wasted 9 y.o. kid who smokes weed, drunk at Skatepark [UPDATED]

If this video is real it is astonishing.  [THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED – ALTERNATIVE SOURCES CAN BE FOUND HERE]

What is more astonishing though is First Union organiser and Labour party candidate Jerome Mika saying that someone needs the bash. 

I am gobsmacked.

Once again the easy accessibility of RTDs is in question…but without doubt it would appear that some older persons are responsible for this accident waiting to happen.

Disgusting – at the end his older brother condones the behaviour and says its ok cos he’s Maori and his whole family started drinking at the age of 9.

UPDATE: The NZ Herald has found the father and he isn;t happy.

The boy’s father, who APNZ has not named, was shocked when he was told about the video today.

“My heart is ripping out at the moment, I’m trying to hold it together. It’s hard,” he said.

The boy, who turned 9 recently, had been in his mother’s custody after the couple separated about a year ago.

“I haven’t seen my boys in that long, you know, and to have somebody ring me up stating that they have seen my son on YouTube wasted as f***, as it says on there – to me, that’s an unfit mother, right there.”

The father said he had previously gone to police after another son, aged 11, turned up at his house with a bruise on his leg.

The boy was taken back into his mother’s care the next day.

The man said Child, Youth and Family had been involved in that incident.

“What I want to do is get my sons out of that situation where they’re allowed to drink and smoke dope,” he said.

“My next steps are trying to get hold of someone who can help me out. I want to go to the police, but what are the police going to do, if they sent me son home that’s being abused? You know, what are they going to do with this one?”




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  • DLNZ

    Drunk at the age of 8…. give it a few years and he’ll be 16 and attacking tourists or raping six year olds in campgrounds. This just keeps going on and on and on, same story over and over, and some people just don’t seem to learn.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      It’s OK, he’s Maori

      • DLNZ

        Here we go…. Mum and Dad split up, Mum has custody. Dad has reported her to the cops and CYPFS before when the older brother turns up at his house with bruises but nothing was done….

        Edit: Typo

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I hope there is a shit storm over this – I know many families in Parakai/Helensville where this is common.

          • BassilFawlty

            I went to school there in the early 80s, sounds like nothing has changed up there.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Nope, starting to slowly now that people are moving in but its still scummy in parts

          • 4077th

            I think you mean that it’s those moving out that have improved the place…

      • WABloke

        Sorry mate, can only give you one up-vote or I’d give you at least a six-pack for that.

    • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

      I’m not sure its a case of they will never learn, more a case of certain sorts not capable of learning to start with…

  • Salacious T Crumb

    “Needs the bash” Jerome?
    But wouldn’t that be against the Section 59 repeal the political left pushed so hard for and the vast majority of New Zealanders were opposed to?
    Or is it a case of your ethnic values opposing your political ones?

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      He has clearly met the Labour Party’s criteria of being able to hold multiple contradictory views at once.

    • WABloke

      Maybe it’s the ‘warrior gene’ talking?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I wanted to punch the whole lot out. Pisses me off so much

    See why people don’t want to give these low lives money? What a complete waste of potential, no wonder these kids end up dumb thugs.

    • 4077th

      I see the local constabulary told the bloke who published it he should take it down..I get that it may not help the boy and the other kids especially the young lady but this type of citizen journalism kicks ass. It gets this stuff out there and shit gets done. Good on the bloke and that so call “big brother” fucking clown I hope he has a nice cold cell waiting for him sometime soon fucking ape!

      • DLNZ

        Agreed. And its not an invasion of privacy… its a public place. If you dont want attention, don’t let your 8 year old roam around pissed and condone it.

        • WABloke

          Yup, gotta behave in public or pay the price.

      • WABloke


    • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

      I totally agree, I’ve thought of a few solutions to issues, but not party will ever have the balls to step up.

      • LabTested

        .ahhmm Mr Colin Craig is listening

        • justin

          Yep NZ needs a conservative voice in parliament. We had a alcohol reform report which needed MP’s backing, National only tinkered around the edges.

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            Of course they only tinkered around the Edges, as it would have become a vote loser to so many agenda’s… I feel so sorry for all the A&E Doctors and Nurse’s having to patch together fuckwit mistakes, eg drunken fights, gang members having a punch up the list goes on and go….. the takers are becoming way to fucken to many up and down the country, compared to the givers / producers… Prison Camp is the ONLY SOLUTION, WORK WILL SET YOU FREE……

        • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

          Actually him and Peters I recon would make a pretty awesome tag team ripping shit up in that thing called the Beehive…

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            You could also add in Kevlyn Alp to the list, now then we’d see some real fireworks, and people running for cover down in Wellyland, those three would be a force to be fucked with….

            EDIT:> In regards to my comment re Kelvyn Alp, here’s his website I believe (writings of policies)


            Very interesting polices, I say I’ve taken a liking to myself, have a read… interesting!

          • Tony V

            Yeah, but Kelvyn Alp is a nutter….

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            Dare you and anyone else to actually read through the website policies.

        • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

          ON a second note, whatever way you want to view Colin, either now or in the future he is not to be written off lightly, hes got the smarts when it comes to business given his background and success, and also the fact hes a bit green sure, but and its a BIG BUT here I feel, hes REAL.
          Those two things alone are not to be knocked.
          Wish you well Mr Colin Craig now and into the Future..

          • kehua

            You Sir, are as crazy as the brother in the video clip.

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            You have no idea…. :-)

  • LionKing

    If this isn’t a wake-up call for Crusher to come down like a tonne of bricks on those RTD producers then God knows what it.

    • DLNZ

      Unfortunately that still wont fix fuckwit parents. Mandatory sterilisation should be invoked for the parents allowing 8 year old kids to roam the streets drunk.

      • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

        You’d get my vote

    • ex-JAFA

      The RTD producers didn’t do this. Possibly the retailer, certainly the guardian (mother or brother or auntie or whomever). Are we going to shut down truck manufacturers because a cyclist rode under one of their trucks?

      • Tom

        If RTDs didn’t exist, it would be sherry or cask wine or whatever

        • ex-JAFA

          It certainly was in my day! The main advantage of going to school with the children of all the leading winemakers :-)

          • Bad__Cat

            Yep, I remember getting wine from a vineyard near Henderson when I was still at school.

    • Jas

      Won’t work, Even though RTDs taste awful and have dental as well as alcohol issues and by that I mean as easier to drink they drink more quicker and the hit is bigger, a short time affect may be had but in long term they will just move to mixing spirits and softdrinks as what happened in Australia when tried to stop RTDs.

    • justin

      Hey reality check for whale and his drive for legalization of marijuana. There is a huge chuck of society who will suffer just like this.

  • DLM

    Just waiting for the howls of “oh poor family, let’s have a hui to sort it out with the whanau”…. but we need more money. Kid is destined to be a statistic.

  • Hillary Green

    Oh my, this is outrageous. Where are the police? The parents should be locked up for allowing an 8 year old to get into a situation like this. I’m horrified.

  • Naylor

    What’s the bet the auntie that gave him the RTD is under 20 and has 5 kids as well. Typical.

    • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

      BINGO, 1st Prize to you…

  • anonymouse

    Well the MSM have now got hold of it, so it will be interesting to see where it goes,.

    • WABloke

      I hope they get a hold of that tweet as well.

  • Andy

    This stuff just makes me feel depressed. What a sad state of affairs

  • stephen2d

    Say what you want, but this should not be played along the partisan lines – Jerome Mika is right this time.

    • LabTested

      What? someone needs The Bash? You support violence?

      Please go find a mirror & have a deep hard look at who you are

      • WABloke

        That tweet was totally out of line eh? It’s indicative of what sensible people are up against.

      • LeftRightWrong

        Sorry but your delusional if you don’t think people on this site support violence.
        Its not exactly right but its only ever frowned upon when it comes from the left.
        When it comes from the right or from someone here everyone will circle the band wagons and agree.

  • Andy

    Mr Goudie who made the video is well-named

  • 4077th

    Calling Campbell Dead…Where are you big ears?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      He’ll say its John Keys fault, kids are poor so need to drink to forget the memory of John Key stealing their future

      • 4077th

        Who will he have on to back up his story Russell Packer?

      • jb

        Everything is John Key’s fault, the left try to have us believe.

      • John

        Or he is reliving the injustice’s done to his great grandparents by the evil colonists, no doubt welfare paid for the hair do? bloody poverty, where will it end?

      • justin

        Tighter alcohol law reform had many recommendations that were passed up by JK. In a liberal society we have to do something, this is a tiny boy. ffs.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Sterilisation of the parents would be a better option? most children don’t get drunk at a skate park. Laws just stop people who don’t let their kids go out drinking for enjoying themselves.

          • justin

            POY. Your bearings are off if you consider sterilization ahead of ration policing of way too liberal drinking laws.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            So you think everybody, every single person in NZ should have more restrictions on what they can do just so the few which fuck up can be “helped”?

          • justin

            Er… “aunty” gives codies to a 8yo so your solution is sterilization? How about we fine/incarcerate those responsible? Make it so that the “aunty” thinking long and hard about supplying booze to minors.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            I agree with that, go after the people who break the booze laws more. jail fort the “aunty”. Just don’t make it harder for law abiding citizens to go about their business.

    • ex-JAFA

      Even TV3 draw the line at letting Campbell give children a reach-around on air.

  • Monty

    And our taxes are paying for the pieces to be picked, meanwhile the left moan about welfare reform

  • Cowgirl

    So is he saying he hasn’t seen his kids in a year? Hardly a nominee for Father of the Year if that’s the case. Clearly a good male role model is required here to get these kids back on track.

    • BassilFawlty

      It looks like it’s too late for that little fella.

      • 4077th

        He was fucked from the moment he exited his mothers birth canal.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      He reported it to CYFS apparently.

      I wonder if he did or if he’s lying?

      • Cowgirl

        As I read it he reported the bruised kid to CYFS, not this incident. I wonder when the bruised incident happened, because I’m reading this as he hasn’t seen his kids (apart from bruised one) since he split with the mother.

    • Michael

      that’s a bit judgemental.. I split with my ex when my kids were 4 and she did everything she could to stop me seeing them, including moving 8 hours drive from me.

      This speaks right to the heart of many split home kids issues. People “thinking” one parent is a dead beat.. No mention of the “caring” mother that has legal custody of the child.

      Women are awfully vindictive and will use children as weapons to “get back at” their ex partners.

      I am not saying you are anything like this, but the prejudice expressed in your sentiment speaks to the problem we dads face when relationships fail.

      • Cowgirl

        I’m not saying the woman is any better – clearly she’s not. I’m just speaking from a place of knowing how important a male role model is for kids growing up, both girls and particularly boys. I was raised in a family by a solo mum and she did a great job, but I suffered a lot from my dad not being around for it (circumstances intervened, he was not a deadbeat) and I’m a woman. All I’m saying is how very important it is for young men to have a good male role model in their formative years. I find it a bit weird in the story that either parent should be casting aspersions on the other, since they’re both doing a less than stellar job.

      • WABloke

        “Women are awfully vindictive and will use children as weapons to “get back at” their ex partners.” Tell me about it. We should have a beer sometime…..

  • drummerboy

    I see this type of shit all the time when i’m at the skate park. normally not 9 year old’s, but 12,13, and 14 year olds. The sad thing is that 95% of the time they are Maori and they use their race to justify their behavior. It’s the result of decades of what Thomas Sowell calls ‘race hustling’. Maori leaders telling Maori they are scum and its the white mans fault. what do you do if your whole life you are told by your own people that you are scum? you act like scum of course. The power of words over a young persons life should not be under estimated. I hope this kid get placed in the care of someone who can bring him up in away that prevents him from becoming a statistic.

    • cows4me

      I think the real problems that Maori face now and why things are in this state is the break up of the extended family unit. I know many Maoris that moved to the city and left the wider family in the country. Some seem to have huge problems in the city without the greater family support from, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc….Over the years I have seen many return to their Iwi with children that would run amok, they soon got reined in. It’s probably more involved then that but I’m sure it’s a large part of the problem.

  • Agent BallSack

    Jerome Mika has an interesting concept of love planned for the older brother who apparently knows no better either!

    • Lux

      He sounds somewhat confused love one of them and bash the other ..

      • jb

        That type of favouritism is quite common in these types of families.

  • Te Kapua

    Press all over this non story like flies to rotting flesh. As if we needed video proof to remind us of our sad record with alcohol. Whats the matter? Interrupting your suburban fantasy with a dose of reality? – Lets just put it down to what it is, Darwinism at work.
    We should kick ourselves for providing social services to the parents of these degenerate parasites.

    • steve and monique

      Leftist media/ Labour will soon blame National/John Key for this problem. Thing is it has been going on with all the Governments including Labour led. No one has fixed it, because the families dont GIVE A SHIT, and see no problems. And poverty is not the problem, as a box of Codys is not cheap.

      • jb

        You’re right. It doesn’t matter who’s in power, it happens.

      • Te Kapua

        Political tides must yield to societal winds. Our society must compel the political faction to correct this abomination. Today, it is the job of National to take this challenge up. If they can manage this, then all power, credit & votes to them!
        If not, then what the fuck are they there for?. Fuck the economy for a sec and deal to this basic human need of substance dependency reduction.

        • island time

          Why is this a political issue. This shit has gone on for years under Labour and National. Surely the parents should take responsibility – not blame “the good ole system” approach.

      • motorizer

        (with my tin foil hat firmly on); its probably a stunt. a setup. get that poverty agenda going.

  • Bart67

    Now I really feel for the father in this, how many times have we heard that the absence of fathers is a root cause, and here is a father who seems to want to be involved, and what happens? This is deplorable.

  • jb

    Thumbs up to the guys who intervened and made this video. More light needs to be shed on this deplorable behaviour.

  • steve and monique

    9 year old Maori pissed in skate park Fairfield, Hamilton. Am not really surprised when I heard that. Over the many years of working in this area, and others after dark(Security Patrol), and finding under 16 year old’s pissed, stoned etc,this is sort of average, and has no shock value at all. Sadly nothing seems to be done about this, and the families dont give a shit. Guess this might shock a few awake. And before anyone says why did I not do something, Well Mostly we were told to fuck off, and that Dad gave them the piss, or they stole it. In the end you give up trying.

    • jb

      Can’t fault you for trying to intervene, but there’s only so much you can do when the other party cbf to help themselves.

      • steve and monique

        About the size of it. Must admit my time working in those areas has made me cynical.

      • justin

        Where society needs to step in. That little 9 yo doesn’t have a set destiny yet… there is time to intervene and put him with a supportive loving family, set good limits and give him a future.

  • ratmuncher

    This sort of behaviour has been going on for a while. I can remember being completely flabbergasted on seeing a drunken, smoking, 10 year old at a solo mum’s booze-up party in the late 70s.
    The dpb is an out of control halfwit breeding experiment that is causing massive damage to maoris in particular.

    • justin

      Ok it’s a long term problem, but not a good enough reason not to act.

  • Michael

    I feel for this kids dad. The system will work against him helping his son. The system will treat him as if he was the one the put the booze in his kids hands … I really hope his dad can intervene.

  • Firstly, I call bull shit on him drinking an 18 box.

    Secondly, this guy takes a video, then what? Did he call the cops? Walking away dismissing it as not his problem. Call the cops, THEN it’s not your problem.If the cops don’t act then stiff shit, you did your bit.

    But if all he did was take a video and upload it, then this is nothing more than an opportunist capitalising on an outrageous situation for some youtube hits.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Well it got the cops attention through social media when they just would have ignored it anyway, so technically he did make it not his problem?

      • As an effect, not through effort of intention.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          he did report it to the police:

          • Good stuff then I retract the 2nd and third paragraphs of my comment.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            That’s what I love about WOBH, open debate and the ability to retract and disagree without the argument spilling into other threads.

            I’ve been on other forums and people hold grudges for a long time, yet here if you disagree on one topic on the next you’ll find you agree on the same things.

          • The way I see it, you look like a cunt and start digging a bigger hole if you back yourself even when you’ve discovered you’re wrong. Not a good look.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            At work its the same. If I fuck up I own up to it. Nothing worse than someone who you can’t trust, and being honest might make you look like an idiot that day but it makes it a ton easier to fix and when the boss asks you “did you do this” and you say no he’ll believe you.

          • LabTested

            ‘The way I see it, you look like a cunt …’

            Really, you are going to let Travis talk to you like this. There must be a Sate park somewhere you two can meet & sort this out. :-)

          • you —> me

            Smart arse :)

          • WABloke

            Don’t forget the Cody’s.

    • Patrick

      Hope the bloke videoing is not a local or he will be getting the bash next time he visits the skatepark

  • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

    Hey Leave the Kid ALONE, that’s just how he Rolls ok?

    • Pissedoffyouth


      • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

        I’m taking the piss out of the whole thing,
        (never take any of my posts seriously ok?)

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Cool, sarcasm is lost over the net.

          • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

            No worries mate, you have a good one.

          • WABloke

            No it isn’t.


  • worksux

    This would never have happened if we weren’t colonised by the whiteys,
    Next Tui advert.

  • surfisup

    OK, a couple of other personal experiences of feral underclass, of which this is a case.

    A workmate of mine many years ago had his 10 year old kid dealing drugs. Every so often similar cases popup in the media to cause ‘outrage’ but noone is prepared to do what is needed.

    Yesterday my partner was at the park. Little maori kid fell off the swing and started crying hysterically. The mother was not interested, so my partner went to check the poor kid was OK. Nope, broken arm.

    So, my partner takes the child to the obese mother who seems disinterested in her sons agony. After my partner tells the mother that her child needs a hospital ,the mother starts complaining that it is a hassle since she has 7 kids. So, my partner carries her child to her car to help out. Upon getting to the car, no child restraints at all, despite her large brood.


  • pukakidon

    What is happening in the Labour party, this guy wants to give children the bash. Maybe this is the first sign of the Labour party policy for the coming election.

    Labour Party – solution to any problem is to give the kids the bash!!!!

    Maybe Mallard will take the lead on this….

  • WABloke

    I’m sure a few million and a block of land will sort it all out.

  • greg

    Unless there is a change in this kids life his future is already mapped out for him.
    Hey Hone what do you think of your kids now?????????????

  • LesleyNZ

    Bradley is neither hero nor villain. Just watched the whole video. If what was said is true then that 9 year old needs to be taken from his parents/extended family because of child abuse. Near the end the drunk boy’s big brother also said he had been drinking alcohol at age nine. And who was the older guy in the white pants with his arm around the drunk boy? Something doesn’t add up with this family. They also smoke weed?

  • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)