Is this for real! Wasted 9 y.o. kid who smokes weed, drunk at Skatepark [UPDATED]

If this video is real it is astonishing. ?[THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED – ALTERNATIVE SOURCES CAN BE FOUND HERE]

What is more astonishing though is First Union organiser and Labour party candidate Jerome Mika saying that someone needs the bash.?

I am gobsmacked.

Once again the easy accessibility of RTDs is in question…but without doubt it would appear that some older persons are responsible for this accident waiting to happen.

Disgusting – at the end his older brother condones the behaviour and?says its ok cos he’s Maori and his whole family started drinking at?the age of 9.

UPDATE: The NZ Herald has found the father and he isn;t happy.

The boy’s father, who APNZ has not named, was shocked when he was told about the video today.

“My heart is ripping out at the moment, I’m trying to hold it together. It’s hard,” he said.

The boy, who turned 9 recently, had been in his mother’s custody after the couple separated about a year ago.

“I haven’t seen my boys in that long, you know, and to have somebody ring me up stating that they have seen my son on YouTube wasted as f***, as it says on there – to me, that’s an unfit mother, right there.”

The father said he had previously gone to police after another son, aged 11, turned up at his house with a bruise on his leg.

The boy was taken back into his mother’s care the next day.

The man said Child, Youth and Family had been involved in that incident.

“What I want to do is get my sons out of that situation where they’re allowed to drink and smoke dope,” he said.

“My next steps are trying to get hold of someone who can help me out. I want to go to the police, but what are the police going to do, if they sent me son home that’s being abused? You know, what are they going to do with this one?”