Robert Downey Jr? Really?

I love it when people who you know for being quite superb in one discipline pop up and manage to blow you away doing something else.

Who knew?

Much better than David Hasselhoff  

They love him in Germany though.



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  • dilligaf2013

    Iron man beats Knight Rider any day

  • motorizer

    wow wow wow. thats true talent. hes really blown me away since his remission.

    another surprise of course is hugh laurie

    • WABloke

      That’s a toe-tapper, cheers. I had no idea he had any musical talent.

  • Cowgirl

    RD Jr rocks my world – he sounds better than Sting, but then I never liked Sting.

    • motorizer

      ^^^^^^^^^ you get mega ups for that comment.

      • Cowgirl

        Thanks! Like the Hugh Laurie track but not your usual ‘speed’ is it? :P

        • motorizer

          everyone needs to slow down every once in a while aye

  • 4077th

    Brilliant! I would listen to more..

  • Dr Wang

    Suspiciously like Jeff Beck on guitar? Great version.

  • deanobravo

    He sang “Every Breath You Take” on Ally McBeal many many moons ago

    • deanobravo

  • P1LL

    OMG he kicked Stings ass .

  • Jman

    His version of Smile has always been my favorite:

  • 4077th

    He sounds just like Dave Matthews..