Serial litigant set to vex Len Brown

In many regards I have some sympathy for Len brown now that serial litigant, bankrupt and convected fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready is pursuing him in a private prosecution, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If it is good enough for John Banks to stand trial over some dodgy aspects of donations then it is time to look into Len Browns ongoing misfeasance over donations, undeclared gifts and dodgy opaque trusts.

Former accountant Graham McCready has Auckland Mayor Len Brown in his sights for his next legal endeavour and plans to file papers against him next week for corruption and electoral fraud.

“I think there’s a case there and I think it’s a very important case and should be filed,” he said.?

The action relates to nearly $40,000 worth of free rooms and hotel upgrades Mr Brown failed to declare to the Auckland City Council and $750,000 donations to Mr Brown’s last two local body elections through a trust the New Auckland Council Trust.

The action is the same Mr McCready successfully filed against Act leader John Banks, who will now be facing a trial in May accused of failing to declare donations.

Mr McCready would be filing the papers through an Auckland associate, former police prosecutor Grace Haden, he said.

He said the papers would be filed next Tuesday when he received his pension and could afford the $30 court costs.

Note they still call this convicted ratbag “former accountant” rather than the more accurate epithets of “convicted fraudster, blackmailer, bankrupt, serial litigant”.

Nonetheless this will add pressure to Len Brown, pressure which he will be struggle to cope with.

The leftwing can hardly complain as they have gleefully encouraged McCready on his quest against John Banks.

However we must be vigilant lest Len Brown thinks that he will be able to charge the considerable costs of his defence to the Council.

He has stated repeatedly that his affair and the resulting details that have emerged are a private matter…fair enough…he can pay for the legal expenses for that himself.

With regard tot eh trust issues and donations, that too is nothing to do with the council.

Len Brown must shoulder the costs of his defence himself and not expect the ratepayer to pay for the likely hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal costs for his defence.

He may as well jack it in though, since his legal bills for an expensive QC to advise him over the E&Y report would have stiffed him at least $50k, now he will be looking at costs around $300-400k for this case.

On top of that he will continue to be a lame duck mayor, except now he will be facing charges in a court. He should follow the lead of John Banks and stand down.