And somehow putting prisoners in these is inhumane?


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  • dilligaf2013

    I like the idea of putting prisoners in the ones on the ship

    • Dave

      ship, why would we need to put them on a ship!! surely they float, if not, too bad!

    • Rex Widerstrom

      It’s been done before, and – if done properly – can be a lower cost option than building new land-based prisons. And the good thing about low capital cost is that we can aim for fewer prisoners and not worry about wasting millions on empty buildings, and conversely expand the number of cells cost-effectively rather than overcrowding and all the risks that brings. See for example

  • Mr CrAcKeR (I’m Back)

    Awesome pack’em, rack’em and ship’em back to the Islands…

  • Col

    They have done a nice job, would be ideal for a holiday home, after a few years the tree and garden, you wouldn’t know it was containers, I like it.

  • thor42

    There are literally hundreds of millions of people who would *kill* to have a place like a container-home.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    Nothing intrinsically wrong with using shipping containers. The cells in many prisons are old, leaky and overcrowded and these could provide a far better alternative. If it was a choice of double bunking with a gang member or a smoker (both of which I had to endure) I’d opt for a shipping container in a heartbeat, provided it had a couple of windows (with bars, naturally) to allow airflow.

    • Airflow? I thought humid hot air was better for prisoners

      • Dave

        Hmmmmm You are going to allow them Air?? Think most would be better without air!

  • Boris

    At around 0:49 “…..but we just couldn’t afford it. So I’m an architect. I did the drawings….” Anyone else see an oxymoron here?

  • Bart67

    Some of our military overseas on peacekeeping missions are barracked in converted shipping containers. If it’s good enough for them….

    • peterwn

      And as Sheriff Joe says the military people have not committed any crimes so what is wrong with prisoners living in similar conditions.

    • Honcho

      Put the pricks in 11 by 11’s on the central plateau. Then they wouldn’t be complaining about their prison conditions, they would be complaining about the gear the army has to make do with, maybe things will change. Prisoners have more rights than soldiers.

  • philbest

    Kiwis, you have been warned.

    This is the future of “housing” for your children and grandchildren when you let urban planners and tosspot politicians like Len Brown who love London and Hong Kong run your future….

    Container living: a home for under £50,000

    ‘Sheds with beds’ are London’s modern day slums

    Welcome to the slums of Southall

    Hong Kong’s human battery hens

    Can you believe these are actually apartments?