And still no charges have been laid in the 9 year old booze boy botchup

Jonathan Carson reports

Police have yet to lay charges against those responsible for getting a 9-year-old boy so drunk he was sick, and a top alcohol counsellor warns the case is a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking drinking culture.

The video sparked international attention and was viewed more than 400,000 times before being removed from the internet yesterday afternoon at the request of police.

It showed the boy with a can of bourbon and cola struggling to stand, being abusive and slurring his words at Fairfield Skate Park in Hamilton on Tuesday – his ninth birthday. He consumed eight cans and two liqueur shots and became so sick that he vomited and calling an ambulance was considered.

Police interviewed several people in relation to the incident yesterday, but no charges have been laid.

Police know who supplied the alcohol.

No charges have been laid. ?

His mother, who has custody, told One News she had never given her son alcohol. “They shouldn’t judge. They don’t know my world. He’s nine years old, it could have happened to anybody’s child.”

The incident has blown the lid off the issue of alcohol abuse involving children, Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Counselling clinical manager Roger Brooking said.

He called it a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking booze culture and lax liquor laws, he said.

“This incident … is to be expected in a society where alcohol is so cheap and so readily available,” he said. It was a “wake up call for New Zealand, but unfortunately it seems our politicians are asleep at the wheel.”

The Police haven’t laid charges, and somehow we don’t know how a nine year old came to be off his face?

All the Police have done so far is act very busy trying to get all the videos taken down from the Internet.

The focus really needs to go on the people who poisoned a nine year old with alcohol.