Sunday Educational: The Large Hadron Collider


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  • What the person didn’t mention when colliding Hydrogen protons near the speed of light is that you can generate antimatter or rather an Anti-Proton.

    Last I looked we had around a teaspoon of the stuff that was man made floating around in some lab

  • thor42

    In a few decades or so (when the LHC has completed its subatomic experiments) I think we should use it for research on Labour Party supporters.

    Set up two roller-coasters in the LHC tunnels and put a few hundred Labour supporters in each.
    Send off the coasters in opposite directions then make them collide when the speed is sufficiently high.

    This should result in the discovery of the “moron boson” – the subatomic particle responsible for Labour Party support.

    • Mr_V4

      Don’t be silly, – they’ll be loaded onto Swiss balls at Annettes house. Besides do you think it would be possible to accelerate Darien fenton? Not sure the universe has enough energy for that.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Maybe could create another Solar System so the Liarbor and gween retards can do their silly experiments in their own silly place

  • raumatirover

    How would this tie in with Green/Maori/Mana animist beliefs?