Time to throw away the key

He has received his 99th prison sentence, and clearly the punishments over the years have done nothing to stop this ratbag…time to throw away the key.

Unfortunately for us he got a dud judge…who decided that 16 months in prison…likely to only be 6 months…was perfectly adequate for a career criminal.

A New Plymouth conman and repeat drink-driver has been given his 99th prison term after driving home a woman he met in a pub.

Ian Arthur Lehndorf, 62, admitted drink driving and disqualified driving at Bell Block on August 24.

Lehndorf had accumulated 98 previous jail sentences – most involving multiple convictions for frauds – coupled with a raft of disqualified driving and drink-driving offences. He was also on a final warning.

“You of all people should know the consequences of apprehension,” Judge Allan Roberts told Lehndorf when sentencing him in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

Lehndorf’s lawyer, Jo Woodcock, said her client had been dry for eight years, but succumbed one night at Shifty’s Bar in Bell Block. 

He struck up a rapport with a woman, who invited him home. He made the wrong decision to drive.

There was no suggestion of bad driving on the night, Woodcock said. Lehndorf realised he was headed to jail.

Judge Roberts said Lehndorf blew 797 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath when tested in Nugent St, Bell Block. He was also driving while banned.

He now had nine convictions for drink driving, the first of which was in 1983, and a total of 16 convictions for contravening driving-related court orders.

It was his fourth conviction for driving while disqualified at the same time as drink-driving. He claimed to be abstinent for eight years.

The judge said his starting point was 12 months’ jail, elevated by eight months for Lehndorf’s “shocking history of like offending”, and a four-month concession for his late guilty plea, leaving him with a 16-month jail sentence.

Soft…just too bloody soft.


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  • ex-JAFA

    “Final warning” prior to this… ooooooh, he must’ve wet himself laughing when he was given that soggy bus ticket. At least it’s presumably a longer sentence than he’s even had to serve before, considering 98 previous custodial terms.

  • Rodger T

    12+8-4= the justice legal system is just a lottery.
    What a fucking joke and they do this if you kill someone too.

  • Sym Gardiner

    You would hope the judge who gave him his “final warning” would take Judge Allan Roberts out the back and give him a good kick. And then have a quiet word to the local prosecutor that this would be a good one to appeal.

  • thor42

    What a JOKE.
    The judge should share the cell with this guy.

  • Garbageman

    sooner or later the taxpayer just has to say fk it we will pay for this clown to stay inside forever, bet the other 90 convictions would be burglary, theft type stuff…yep throw away the key

  • baw

    For the record what is the maximum sentence that he could have gotten? Once we know that we can work from there.

  • Cyber Billy

    The possible shag that wasn’t

  • john Doe

    Un friggin believable.
    If I had’nt read it here, I would not have believed this story.

  • Don W

    A long spell in a shipping container somewhere in the central plateau , living on brumby stew would be appropriate.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    And yet we wonder why tourists get beaten and robbed, our children end up thugs on the street (according to stuff, in Christchurch) and we have rapists who end up killing?

  • caochladh

    Judge (smiler} Roberts, who could have guessed. He was a dud lawyer, now he is a dud judge.

  • Whafe

    “You of all people should know the consequences of apprehension,” Judge Allan Roberts told Lehndorf ………….. You don’t fucking say….. Well he obviously doesn’t know the prissy consequences after 98 convictions… Give me strength

    • Rodger T

      I suspect he knew exactly what the consequences would be ,16 months in some minimum security holiday camp ,3 hot meals a day ,tv, computer and its probably got a golf course and a pool.
      16 months will really be about 6 or 7,he`ll be out long before next christmas.

  • Col

    So what’s a Final Warning? Nothing.

  • Mohsin Siddiqui

    This overwhelming desire to get douchebags back up on the horse is going to cause more problems in the future.

    I remember a news item a little while back where a convicted murderer was on the loose and his friends were being urged to give him up because they would get in trouble. What a joke they must have thought, their killer buddy has been in and out his whole life, what is the worst that could happen to them?

  • out2lunch

    Allan Roberts is another example of a piss weak judge who has somehow managed to find himself in the judiciary world. Other notable efforts from him include discharging a man convicted for rape, who was later found guilty by a more cerebral Court of Appeal. Does this recidivist drink driver have to kill someone before the penny drops for old Allan?

  • HtD

    Soft sentencing is the result of soft government and the precedent set under 30 continuous years of soft governments, guided by the bollocks from dithering touchy feelies like ‘Rethinking crime and punishment,’ their apologists training lawyers in universities and the lawyers own militant left-wing union the Law Society. On crime, we still have a very soft government – National. Without ACT they would have been even worse.