Today’s Trivia




The George Foreman Grill could have been the Hulk Hogan Grill, along with the ridiculous amounts of money it brought in – but Hulk never returned the promoter’s call. Maybe – I’m not sure on this source. (source)



Women who swallow semen are less likely to develop preeclampsia. (source)


The North American paper standard is slightly different to the rest of the world. Typical. (source)


The heat, air-con, and indoor and outdoor lighting for all Wal-Marts are controlled form the central hub in Arkansas. (source)


Married men make significantly more than unmarried men, but the opposite is true for women. (source)


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  • Cowgirl

    The Yanks have to do everything different – makes them feel ‘special’ I guess. Their barcodes suck too – everyone else in the world has 13 digits, but not the Yanks. No, the Yanks only have 12 digits. Bloody typical.

    • bristol

      Hate to say this, but the Yanks invented the 12 digit barcode, therefore, I guess, it’s everyone else that is different. Just sayin’ ;)

  • WABloke

    I think I’ve made the connection…..



  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Pic is linked to item # 4, which is the Colossus computer. This science fiction invention was designed to control all US and allied nuclear weapons in the same way that all Walmart utilities are controlled from a central hub……or else.

    • WABloke

      I thought that pic was of a kiddies puzzle, possibly designed by Albert Einstein in collaboration with the Illuminati and that little-known industrial midget ‘Mazes R Us’.

    • wanarunna

      I found the reference to the Colossus computer, but thought perhaps the link was to Hulk Hogan

    • James Howlett

      Yep – I haven’t seen the movie but it’s now on the list of pop culture relics I need to educate myself on.

  • “Women who swallow semen are less likely to develop preeclampsia”

    Men who swallow semen don’t seem to suffer it at all.

    • DangerousE

      I don’t know what preeclampsia is, but hopefully its something that really fucken needs to be avoided, at least thats the intel she’ll be getting.

      • WABloke

        Women who swallow semen are less likely to suffer a number of complaints, be they verbal or physical.

        • motorizer

          they also get extra points

          • WABloke

            Damned straight; I’m happy to point out any woman who swallows semen.

  • Gourmet

    Relates to #1 colossus meaning giant. ( wrestlers being giant )

  • Col

    I have seen it all Dame Susan Devoy said the night club called the Famous that the owner said that Indians come up and don’t buy drinks but try hitting on the ladies are rapist ( since said sorry using that word) she said that people should boycott the club, the owner said more people will come to have a look now. What a piss poor commissioner she is. You don’t run a business for free, and I will say Indians know a good deal when they see one. Try running a business for free Dame.