A true tale of seduction: Part 2

ashton kutcher shirtless two and a half men

So to recap…we have a bloke style business with blokes wearing steel-caps and overalls and they certainly don’t have any sort of sooky behaviour in this workplace.

Carl, one of the workers has met and hooked up with a trolly dolly we call Cindy.

Carl and Cindy have been going hammer and tongs exploring a wild sexual encounter over several weeks.

We left Carl hanging yesterday morning, metaphorically and literally, tied up by his own consent by Cindy keen to explore some bondage with her new lover.

So what happened next?

31% of you guessed that Cindy’s husband turned up. 27% thought he may have been rogered with a bottle and needed surgical assistance. 20% reckon he was left tied up and robbed. 11% think he copped one in the chook. 4% thought the story will appear in the women’s mags. 4% think they have moved in together to further explore their sexual awakening. 3% think Carl is a new submissive for Madam Lash and is lovin’ it.

So what is it??

Well, a little more background.

Carl arrives after work after his latest escape and isn’t his normal ebullient self. The shift supervisor who we shall call Tim notices the lack of pallor and vitality (Carl is a black South African, and Tim and Martyn reckoned he looked decidedly gray) from Carl and decides to sit him down and have a wee chat. Tim is a godly man, and while tough on the outside and capable of holding up his end in a scrap and loyal as they come he is still a gentle soul at heart.

So he and Carl sit down to chat.

Carl explains all that we covered yesterday…and then gets to the last part where we left Carl tied up waiting expectantly for Cindy to return to the room after tying him up with boogie board leashes.

Cindy does return and she starts talking deeply to Carl about how she feels powerless when he is dominant and how that is a sexual turn on…especially when he is giving it to her greek. that is a special turn on she explains, the vulnerability, the power the highly sexual trip she gets…and now she wants to share that with Carl.

She stands and Carl sees she is wearing a harness with a strap on.


And proceeds to give him a thorough rogering up the clacker.

Carl is late for work and bolts soon after and slopes in ashen faced which is where Tim finds him. While he is explaining his predicament to Tim, who is doing his best to look and act concerned, Carl receives a text from Cindy…saying “you looked a bit sad when you left, this should cheer you up” with an attached image of her shaved vagina complete with a dildo inserted. The texts keep on coming…poor Carl has bitten of more than he can chew and he has a wild sexual woman out of control.

He is concerned…was he raped? Should he report it? What will the Police say?

Tim is concerned too…that he can;t hold this in much longer…so he bolts upstairs to talk to Martyn his boss…which is where the fun begins.

Martyn is a hard man and pretty much falls on the fall laughing…things start to go from bad to worse now for Carl…Martyn has a chat and asks him pertinent questions…Did you enjoy it? Are you going back for more? Was it ok except for the arse f*cking? Do you reckon the Police will be able to take your statement without laughing?

Of course this was just before Christmas and Martyn is in charge of the Secret Santa…which is duly rigged…Carl gets an interesting present.

So there you go readers…I thought you might enjoy that little tale, but it does raise some questions.

Despite consenting to being tied up, was Carl raped?

Was Carl raped even if he enjoyed everything else leading up to the last act.

Should he have gone to thePolice?

Should go back for seconds?

Should Carl worry about his pet rabbit?