A true tale of seduction [plus POLL]


Let me tell you a little story…it is a true one and only the names have been changed.

My mate Martyn is the GM of a company where the majority of the workforce wear steel-caps and overalls…in other words not a company where the workers sitting around on computers all day. They work with their hands and the work is hot and dirty.

He was telling me about one of his employees who we shall call Carl.

Carl is a bit of a ladies man and single…before Christmas he hooked up with a trolley dolly who by all accounts was a spectacular root and very adventurous in the scratcher. Apparently there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do and had a voracious sexual appetite that knew no boundaries. Carl by all accounts is no dud root himself.

Carl and her had hit it off. On the first hook up at a bar he managed to get an invite back to her place and a night of wild sex. The old question “Do you f*ck on first dates?” certainly seemed to hold true for this lovely lady. At work the next day she was sending him photos of her pussy and raunchy texts.

Suffice to say Carl went back for more…and more…and more.

He was even boasting of his exploits to his work mates. Showing them the texts. He literally was the cat that licked the cream.

After a few weeks of unbridled passion and after a lengthy session in the cot, including anal and a bit of slap and tickle, the trolly dolly had a proposition for Carl. Since he was well c*ntstruck by now he entertained the idea.

She asked him if she could tie him up…she had some boogie board leashes off her kids boogie boards and the velcro was easy to apply.

Carl agreed and in no time at all was trussed up by his ankles and wrists…


( Part Two tomorrow)

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