Ugly couple use nicked phone to out themselves as dud roots


Someone nicked a cellphone in the US and it has ended up in the possession of this couple, who are now remotely uploading photos and videos of their dud root sessions to the Dropbox of the original owner of the phone.

A WOMAN is trying to track down the couple that is using her stolen phone after she found their raunchy selfies uploaded to one of her online accounts.

Victoria Brodsky, 39, from Brooklyn in the US, found naked pictures of the couple and even found a video of them engaging in a sex act.

“It seemed like they were getting off after taking the phone,” Ms Brodsky told?The New York Daily News?. “I would love it if they were caught. It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating.” ?

The mother of two’s Samsung Galaxy S3 and wallet were stolen from her at a street fair in August last year. …

Ms Brodsky had accepted that the phone was gone forever, but a week later she noticed photos were appearing in her Dropbox account.

At first the pictures were harmless. But on September 1 the X-rated selfies started to appear. By the end of the day the couple had posted a picture of themselves “half-heartedly engaging in a hardcore sex act”.

Ms Brodsky said the couple were more focused on the camera than they were on each other.

“Sex looks very boring in their house,” she said.