Uncle Bully Syndrome and now the Kahui Defence

The media continue to perpetrate the Uncle Bully Syndrome in the case of the pissed 9 yo maori kid…now they are allowing the mother to use the “Kahui Defence”.

Booze culture in Hamiltion

Booze culture in Hamiltion

The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.?

A picture showing a man posing with four children – including two brothers of the boy in the video – holding bottles of beer was forwarded to the?Weekend Herald.

Among the group is a smiling toddler in a nappy who is also holding a bottle of beer.

The picture emerged after a video clip of a 9-year-old drunk and stumbling around a skate park was posted on YouTube this week.

The boy’s mother, who the?Weekend Herald?will not name, said the picture that surfaced of the children posing with alcohol included two of her sons.

She said the picture, taken three years ago and removed from her friend’s Facebook page on Thursday, was taken at a friend’s house and without her knowledge.

Why won’t the Herald name her? More importantly why won’t she ever take responsibility.

What exactly does she know about her children?

She claims to, in the infamous words of Sgt Shultz, know nothing about anything her kids get up to.

A stranger gave the 9 year old booze…wasn’t me what did it…I put him to bed…now with photos of her other kids showing up with bottle of booze in their hands she again claims she didn’t know.

CYFS should be looking very closely at this woman now she is using the Kahui Defence.

The media are enabling this child abuse by refusing to name people, they are aiding and abetting continued negligence on teh part of this parent and although she thinks she is mounting a fair defence by claiming no knowledge, she is in fact admitting to being negligent.

I think the media are going soft because those involved are Maori and the Uncle Bully Syndrome and Kahui Defence are accepted by Maori and tacitly by a compliant media….afraid of a backlash from the ferals claiming racism.

But as the guy in the video said…”It’s ok, he’s Maori”.

One thing that remains unanswered is why on a kid’s ninth birthday were both parents MIA?