Waikato Times Editorial on Corruption

While convicted blackmailer, fraudster and serial litigant Graham McCready continues to cut a swathe through our judicial processes it should be noted that more and more politicians are breaking the law, especially electoral law.

While I cannot condone McCready’s use of the court for his own style of bullying there are many other who do the same thing, pretending to be litigants in person but costing their victims thousands.

With the failure of the Police though to action complaints against politicians it is time for something more robust that private prosecutions. In Australia we are witnessing what happens when regulators like the Independent Commission Against Corruption actually do what out Police have singularly failed to do you have to wonder why we don’t have such a body too.

The Waikato Times thinks the same.

Some legal experts have explained their doubts that Mr McCready will succeed in getting a private prosecution against Mr Brown. They say he will need witnesses to allege a link between the free hotel rooms at Sky and his support for SkyCity’s conference centre bid. Without that, there is no proof. 

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater has raised another issue. Under the relevant section of the Crimes Act, Mr McCready must apply to the Attorney-General, Christopher Finlayson, for permission to take the prosecution. Typically, such decisions are delegated to the Solicitor- General. Even so, the Attorney-General’s cabinet colleagues arranged the SkyCity deal, which raises conflict-of-interest questions. It’s a consideration in favour of an independent commission being established to deal with accusations of political corruption.

It is high time to consider such a policy for New Zealand.

The merger of the SFO and the FMA should allow for eh appropriate budget for such a body.

The irony of such a policy though is that NZ First is the only party with such a policy currently. Which when you think about donations, privileges committee hearings and No signs is hilarious.


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  • williamabong

    Finlayson is as weak as piss, if he had any nuts at all he would have the police acting on the obvious breaches to the electoral laws, or would have handed it over to someone who would, but he would rather hide it in the corner and hope it goes away.
    A prime example of corruption in the extreme would have to be the treaty process which which has turned into a fuck fest funded by the taxpayer, the grevances just keep coming and the fat cats and lawyers just keep lining their pockets, and there seems to be an endless supply of money. But to speak out against it it is to be a racist.