Having a whale of a time

Kristin Edge at The Norther Advocate reported on orcas, which means an immediate obligatory post for Whaleoil:


Credit: Ingrid Visser and Monique Visser from Orca Research

It seems locals and tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying Northland’s fabulous coastline at this time of year.

A pod of 23 orcas delighted boaties and devoted researcher Dr Ingrid Visser when they cruised into the waters at the Poor Knight Islands last week.  

Dr Visser said the pod did about six circuits around the Poor Knights hunting for rays before splitting, with some heading to the Bay of Islands and the rest of the pod heading south towards Auckland.

If you spot an orca, Dr Visser wants to know – call 0800 SEE ORCA, 0800 733 6722.

Just don’t report me to Ingrid.  I really don’t think she wants to know where I am.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Must be stingray season too then….Careful around sandy bays people.

  • conwaycaptain

    Late 80’s was Master of a SCONZ vessel coming into Akl and there was a pod in the Rangi Channel. Pilot told me that they had been sparse for years and when he was young before WW 2 they were v common in the Harbour. Nice to see them making a come back.
    Also was on the Barrier Reef and was told that the number of whales reported in the 80’s and 90’s had increased markedly.
    Siled with a Bosun who had sailed with Salvesen’s of Leith the huge Scottish whaling outfit. This was after WW 2 and he had been in Grytviken in S Georgia and the whole harbour was full of the carcasses of whales being kept afloat by compressed air. He told me it took months to get rid of the smell off his body when he returned home..