Whaleoil 2014 – part 1

This is one of a number of posts I’m doing today on the past and future of Whaleoil.  Here is Part 1

When Travis and I joined Whaleoil 13 months ago, I asked Cam this question:  “What is our objective?”

The answer was simple.

“Get me 1,000,000 pageviews a month”.

At the time Whaleoil was steadily growing and pushing around the 700,000-800,000 mark, depending on the month.

Cam asked for a, let’s be gentle, 20% increase.

You ask any media outlet for a 20% increase in its numbers, and deliver it, and you’ll have a career for life.

Travis and I set to work, and we pushed Whaleoil into 1 million pageviews 2 months later.  And I don’t want to put words in Cam’s mouth, but I think he was gobsmacked.

A year later, we have experienced 100%+ growth, and are now at 2 million pageviews.  

We even enjoyed a pretty good October thanks to Len Brown, with 3 million pageviews and a clean million visits.

100%+ Growth for 2013.  We are happy, proud and extremely grateful for your time.

Although Travis and I are proud of what we achieved while Cam’s attention was split between the Truth and Whaleoil, the full time return of Cam to the blog was the second boost in the arm we needed.

A growing group of much-loved volunteers also allowed “senior” staff to concentrate on the meatier stuff.

Is our growth an industry wide trend?

No.  Looking at other media, some are experiencing a gentle growth, although a lot are stagnant.

But there is a need that isn’t being filled by traditional media, and Whaleoil is delivering.

On a day where a Herald-Digi poll reports that Kim Dotcom is the person New Zealanders trust most to feed their cat while away on holiday, Whaleoil is starting a new year with extremely ambitious plans.

First, I’m now full time staff.   Instead of fitting Whaleoil around my day job, Whaleoil now is my day job.

We have so much to do this year, we don’t even know how we’re going to fit it all in.

One objective:  Double our audience.  Again.   And to be honest, I’m not sure that’s even aggressive enough as a target.  With the 2014 elections, the Len Brown saga, the “is Whaleoil media?” court case,  the opportunities for Whaleoil to shine are many.  We have so many plans, and we won’t fit them all in.

And there are other things that will elevate Cameron Slater and the blog that we can’t quite reveal just yet.

Stay tuned for part 2


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  • sheppy

    Keep up the good work guys, it’s great to have some unspun truth in the media for a change

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      A media that ‘only’ gets a couple of million hits eh?
      MSM get to sell fewer papers every year, fewer watch or listen to their news and even fewer believe or trust them.
      2014 is going to be great

  • Orange

    Well done Pete and congrats!

  • unitedtribes

    Over the year Iv got a bit of stick from some of my high power mates for reading whaleoil. Bit of a laugh but I have them all reading it now. Len was a help though. Best of luck guys hope we can all help with the success

  • cows4me

    Best of luck Pete, stick it up them.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Bucking Frilliant!

    Congrats on such a huge, awesome achievement Pete, Travis and Cam.

    You’re not only filing a void in the Media, whilst forging new Niche’s AND breaking the most prominent, high profile news in 2013; Your rep and street cred as NZ’s leading political Bellwether just grows and grows. Totally Awesome Whaleoil team!

    …And the promise of juicy MEGA stories ahead… So pleased the iPad can handle a bit of drool. Nothin’ better than a deserving target gettin’ a Whale Spanking of epic proportions. Pour on the sunlight.

    …there goes any hope of reducing my addiction to Whaleoil this year…

  • Michelle

    Keep it up guys you are doing a great job and it is nice for us to be able to put honest thoughts here without fear of censorship

    lt is so great to be able to read everyone’s thoughts whether you agree with them or not, and you learn so much more from others who have a different angle on a story not just listen to one point of view like MSM

    it reminds me of standing with a group of people talking and listening to each ones opinions and debating, it is so hard though these days with everyone being so pc and trying to not upset anyone, you no longer get that honesty but here is just like it used to be before this PC crap

    Happy New Year everyone, hope it is a good one for you all

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Welcome Michelle.
      New commentators are always welcomed here. Great comment.
      Happy NY to you too.

      • Michelle

        Thanks for that bloke
        l spend alot more time here now l have all but given up on MSM it is so one eyed or lacking in news and l enjoy the feedback here

    • unitedtribes

      Thats it I think its a good substitute to going to the pub for a chat. Don’t have to worry about driving home either

      • It’d be good to do a poll on how many Whaleoil readers do so while having a drink or 2, or to the more extreme, are pissed.

        • unitedtribes

          Just watch the spelling as the night goes on. Especially mine

          • Steve (North Shore)

            And mine lol

          • I knew I’d flush out at least a couple of you.

        • It’s not all about you Travis. :P

        • 4077th

          I do far more typing and deleting than posting as the evenings progress! Ergo – Never really get anything out unless 2 words will suffice.

        • motorizer

          Fzck… I have severely restrain myself from commenting when I’m on the sauce….

          • unitedtribes

            Hard to take it back on WO. Make a prick of yourself whilst pissed, nobody now’s you loaded. We should have a “pissed last night” Button, Take no notice

          • motorizer

            next time i comment after a few drinks i think i shall put the letter “u” in front, because it looks like a cup/drinking vessel.

  • thor42

    Good stuff!

    On my front, I have plans to give both Islam and the left-wing a bloody good hammering this year. I’m planning a website to do exactly that. It’ll be dominated by pure cold hard facts – as little emotion as possible is the aim.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Hope it goes better than you hope for…

      • thor42

        Just a small sample of the kind of thing I have planned…..

        No less than 61% of the Quran’s content deals with non-Muslims. The hadiths and sira too are largely dedicated to non-Muslims and *non-religious* topics.
        Islam covers a VAST number of areas, the great majority of which do not come under the aegis of a “religion”.
        Islam supported the Nazis during WWII. This is hardly the action of a “religion”.
        What little religious content there is in Islam is merely there as a “figleaf” for the ideology to hide behind.

        It uses the figleaf of “religion” to seek protection under our “freedom of religion” laws.
        O.I.C. – ( Organisation of Islamic Countries – a U.N. body ) – seeking to ban the “criticism of religion”. Why would a “religious grouping” seek such a thing except if it was not a religion at all, having the ulterior motive of removing our power to speak out against it and fighting us?

        As you can see, I don’t hold back.

        • Kiwi

          It is about time someone in NZ was brave enough to face the elephant in the room – to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

        • sandynobb

          It’s an existential clash of civilisations. Us, or them.

  • 4077th

    That is excellent news Pete. I do what I can to encourage others to visit the Blog as I am sure other posters do. For better or worse social media has made a huge contribution to the increase in those commenting and in todays world this is how most are alerted to important news items and able to contribute almost immediately.

    I am certainly guilty of “drive by” humorous jibes I also very much enjoy being able to have a say and my opinions challenged by others. Whaleoil has been and will be a source of inspiration and political enlightenment for me over the last few years and plenty more to come I hope.

    Well done to Pete, Travis, Nick, Lux Cam and the team at Whaleoil for all the good work you do.

    • Thanks 4077th :) I must say that I would really like a year to go by where WO isn’t in court. However I believe 2014 is really going to be OUR year. So many great things are happening and no, I cannot let the cat out of the bag but boy do I wish I could. I am looking forward to certain individuals having a hizzy fit and spitting their breakfast all over their keyboards one morning early this year heh.

      • thor42

        SB! Good to see you on here again!
        Have a great New Year!

      • 4077th

        That does sound truly worthwhile and I along with the rest of the commenters are waiting with keen anticipation. I am probably like a few others here in that my day allows probably too much time sometimes to read and contribute to the blog but boy I enjoy it more and more every day. It’s just fantastic to see it evolve and become the most frequented blog in New Zealand. Compliments of the season to yourself, Miss WO and Cam. We look forward to an exciting 2014.

  • OAP

    When a pensioner says this is f…brilliant you know you’ve covered all your bases. Well done all the whale Team, go get em

  • ropteron

    Just when I thought it was ‘safe to go back into the water’!
    My fourth most serious New Years resolution, (section 2, part III, para 5a) states:
    ‘Please try to spend a little less time on WOBH’.
    Lol Epic FAIL!!

  • hookerphil

    I look at Stuff quite often, am becoming more and more frustrated by some of the crap and being unable to comment. That is why WO is so good, even the ones who just hop on to push their own left views at least have to read the good news – see, just like church.

  • timemagazine

    Before I became a whaler I was watching the news on either tv 1 or tv 3 and was always chancing channels in between just to find something that clicks for me. Most of the time I was aghast of the way they would omit certain news, lie by omission or give it a leftist spin. Now I have really fun watching those poor poor souls thinking of themselves to be the most important people. Can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us this year, not to mention that it is an election year with so much at stake.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      TV1 and TV3 are dying a natural death; and the sooner the better