The World is coming to an End?

As predicted, MSM repeaters are so desperate for stories that this Fonterra cream recall suddenly is taking all their attention.

Take TVNZ’s Matty McLean. He’s crawling the ‘burbs?(from his desk) looking for a busy-body nana desperate to be listened to.

If it’s not the berms she’s moaning about, it’ll be her baking. So when Matty McLean calls up granny, she’ll complain bitterly about her cream being off and her pav didn’t rise like it used to.

It’s no wonder New Zealanders are looking to blogs for real-world information when MSM media outlets are scraping the barrel like they are with this story.

And while Labour’s Damien O’Connor’s talking NZ down comments;

Labour’s primary industries spokesperson Damien O’Connor said the credibility of New Zealand’s food safety system had again been brought into doubt.

“Fonterra appears to have used the appropriate testing systems which picked up the dangerous bacteria E.Coli and have taken precautionary action, as is appropriate,” he said.

“However the timing of food testing and the accuracy of information provided to companies such as Fonterra needs further scrutiny.

“The Government has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars through its Primary Growth Partnership fund, yet areas of food safety and science continue to be under-resourced and not up to international best practice.”

will be having Nikki Kaye all worried about what Labour is saying and feeling that she must respond, the rest of New Zealand can see this for what it is. A few bottles of cream that are being recalled as a precautionary move.

Something every other manufacturer does on a regular basis.