February 2014

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Before House of Cards

The true HoC junkies have already finished season 2. Here’s Kevin Spacey’s lighter side at an Actors Studio appearance in July 2000.

Today’s Trivia

via cakerecipez.com

via cakerecipez.com


The Cartoon Network banned Speedy Gonzales as a racist stereotype – until the US-hispanic community protested. (source)


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Internet level paywalls

Never write off the little guy…


Dwight Howard vs Little Kid. Highlight at the end.

Dean-Paul Denniston skating around with a GoPro under his board

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Crispy Canadian criminals caught

Lame Duck Mayor loses another round in council

Not in the courts, that particular battle is over for Brown with the Solicitor-General telling McCready to sling his hook, but rather in council where he has lost another key vote.

Len Brown clearly no longer has the confidence of the council.

Cameron Brewer explains:

With public submissions closing on the draft Unitary Plan, Auckland Mayor Len Brown has been rolled by a majority of councillors over his insistence that key Council-Controlled Organisations Auckland Transport and Watercare not be allowed to independently submit on the draft Unitary Plan, particularly pertaining to their serious concerns over the controversial Mana Whenua provisions, says Auckland Councillor for Orakei Cameron Brewer.

“The Mayor’s draft Unitary Plan insists on the need for cultural impact assessments for any proposed development close to the 3,600 sites of Maori value. However concerned Auckland Transport and Watercare made it very clear to councillors recently that such a move would have serious practical implications, ultimately adding big costs and delays to their work.”

Mr Brewer says with this specific issue in mind, both CCOs last month asked the Mayor and councillors that they be allowed to put in their own full standalone submissions to the independent hearings panel reviewing the draft Unitary Plan, after being instructed by the Mayor they were not to in an earlier letter he sent to CCOs.  Read more »

What sort of person wants to own a signed copy of Mein Kampf?

Check the back of the couch and see if you have a spare $24k.

But seriously what sort of sicko wants to own a book by Adolf Hitler. Only a nazi sympathiser could possibly want such a thing.

Two rare early editions of Mein Kampf, signed by Adolf Hitler could sell for more than US$20,000 (NZ$24k) at an online auction, officials say.

Nate Sanders, owner of Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles, said he knew he’d catch a lot of flack for putting rare 1925 and 1926 editions of the racist screed up for bid.

”But it is a piece of history. It is a very rare item,” he explained.

Hitler was arrested and jailed for the attempt to seize power.

He dictated Mein Kampf, two volumes of autobiography and anti-Semitic manifesto, to Rudolf Hess while behind bars to raise money for his criminal defence.

Both volumes’ fly-leaves feature Hitler’s signature.  Read more »