Confirmed: Doug Sellman has gone mad


If there was ever a case of demonstrating once and for all that?Professor Doug Sellman is mad, this article ?Drunks steal sanitiser for alcohol? proves it.

Any ounce of credibility that this guy once had has long-since evaporated, with his comments that thefts of hand sanitise are due to ?excessive alcohol marketing?.

According to Doug Sellman, hospitals are facing a crisis with bottles of hand sanitiser having to be placed under lock and key and thieves seems to be hell-bent on hoeing into the ?high-alcohol substance to get drunk?.

Seriously? Apparently so.

He must have some demons in the closet to go anywhere near this, as most people would see it as something as important as a stone in your tyre?s tread. ?

But any chance to slag off the alcohol industry, trust Doug Sellman to be wheeled out for a comment.

According to Sellman ?if you?ve got quite a significant amount of alcohol just sitting there in a bottle that can be accessed and mixed up to drink? it?s what you would expect in a society like ours which is deliberately facilitating a heavy drinking culture?.

I?m just surprised he hasn?t said kids at school are getting hooked on alcohol as every school now has a hand sanitiser on the office/reception desk and in the classrooms. Clearly this is a rat-shit cunning plan by the alcohol industry to hook kids into a heavy alcohol addiction.

Maybe it?s time Doug has a quiet beer under a tree and learns to calm the f**k down.